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Adjust Your Focus star
Ever wonder why tennis players bounce the ball so many times before serving? And why are pro players always tugging at their clothes? It really is a great strategy!

Attack a Weak Second Serve star
The server in tennis usually has an advantage, but when they hit a weak second serve, you can take the advantage by being aggressive with your return.

Before the First Ball star
Preparation and strategy for your next tennis match should begin before the first ball is served. You can learn a lot about your opponent from pre-match research and the on-court warm up.

Choosing the Right Tennis Pro star
Do you want to learn how to play tennis? Have you thought about taking tennis lessons? The first step is to find the right tennis instructor.

Clay Court Tennis Strategy star
The game of tennis played on clay courts requires focused strategy and lots of experience to know the right moves, as shot selection and conditioning are key components on the dirt.

Grass Court Tennis star
Adjust your game and your strategy to be more effective on low-bouncing and quick-paced grass tennis courts.

Improve Your Position to Improve Your Tennis Game star
If you’re looking to improve your tennis game, start by working harder to improve your position on court. Better preparation as you move to the ball can greatly increase your chances of making a good shot.

Improve Your Tennis Game in the New Year star
Don´t let another year go by without a solid volley and no second serve. Now is the time to commit to working on those parts of your game that you struggled with last season.

Indoor Tennis star
It’s the same court surface, same balls, same net height, same everything, so then why is playing tennis indoors so much different than playing outdoors?

Know When to Serve and Volley star
The Serve and volley game is a classic strategy to take control of the net and control the points. But does that strategy always work?

Manage Your Frustration in the Wind star
Tennis shots can be in or out by inches, but when the wind comes into play, you have to change your tactics for a winning attitude and not allow the wind to become your opponent.

No Partner? No Problem! star
Even if you don´t have a tennis partner, you can still work on your game. Many local parks and schools have a wall or backboard to hit against, and if you´re near a tennis facility, you may be able to rent time on a ball machine. Going solo doesn´t mean you can´t work on your game.

One Handed or Two Handed Backhand star
So many players now use two hands on the backhand side. The days of Pete Sampras and Steffi Graf are over. Which is more effective?

Playing Power Tennis to Win star
Every tennis player likes to hit winners, the harder the better, but if only one or two of those shots land in, you can't win the game. Take a look at what Tom Veneziano recommends for junior and adult players.

Practice With a Purpose star
When you go out to the court to practice tennis, that´s what you should do. It's too easy to get in the habit of just "hitting" and not working on strategy and shot placement.

Safety on the Tennis Court star
Tennis is a sport for dry weather and a retractable roof. There are many good reasons to be extremely cautious about stepping onto a wet tennis court. Find out why you need to stay dry.

Side or Serve? star
You’ve warmed up and you’re ready to start the match, but now what do you do? Who serves and from what side? What about the coin toss?

Simple Winning Tennis Strategy star
There are only two ways to win a point in tennis. As much as you think about strategy and tactics, it’s really as simple as winners and errors from you and your opponent. It’s up to you to choose the winning strategy.

Speed & Agility star
Physical Demands of Tennis

Surviving Winter Tennis star
You want to get out there and work on your game, or compete in a tournament, but Mother Nature says otherwise. Here are some tips to deal with winter tennis, and how to survive until the sun comes out again.

Swing with Confidence star
Confidence plays a big role in your success and failure on the tennis court. Find out how to play your best tennis when you’re really not playing your best because of doubts about your game.

Tennis Against Two Opponents star
When you go out on the tennis court, not only do you have to worry about your opponent, but sometimes you also have to battle against yourself to keep your nerves under control.

Tennis and Life Lessons star
Tennis and life lessons can be learned on the tennis court starting at a young age and can be used your whole life.

Tennis Practice Makes Perfect Strokes star
Tennis is a game of fitness and strategy, but you also need sound mechanics to execute your strokes consistently, and that means practicing all the shots you're going to need.

Tennis Reaches New Heights star
No doubt the game of tennis is a physical game. Getting yourself in good shape will help on court, but you can also improve your quickness to be more effective during matches.

Tennis Serving Options star
Serving is an advantage to start the point in any tennis game. Service winners and aces can score free points, but if the serve doesn’t go in, then you have no chance of winning. You have to be smart and know when to go for it.

Tennis Strategy for the Underdog star
Tennis players come in all ages, sizes and playing abilities, so how do you compete in a lopsided tennis match when your opponent is a lot better than you?

The Red Clay of Paris star
What does it take to win on the clay? Few American’s have solved that problem, but those that do, have gone on to enjoy great success. It’s all about your mindset.

Think Outside the Tennis Court Box star
Anytime you’re on the court hitting balls with another person, whether it’s a competition or just for fun, your opponent will give you clues how to beat them. All you have to do is listen.

Win Tennis Against the Lob star
Inexperienced tennis players often lose to those opponents hitting high lobs and slow balls with no pace. There is a winning strategy against this type of player, but the answer may not be one that you want to hear, or a game that you are willing to play.

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