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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

Kingdom Hearts is a GREAT game that combines the best from SEVERAL Final Fantasy games as well as familiar characters from Disney. It's not "cutesy", which many worried about when the game first came out. The graphics are excellent, the gameplay is wonderful, the plots are engaging. And it's fun going up against the arch-enemies in Disney and trashing them with Tidus!!

Note that I also have the Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough Online

Destiny Islands
Getting your Character Started
The First Day
The Second Day
The Storm Comes

Traverse Town
Exploring the Town
Returning with Electricity
Returning with Red Trinities
Returning with Green Trinities
The Postcard Listing
FAQ - Finding Cid for the Book

Chatting with the Queen
Alice is Missing
Returning for the Chests

Deep Jungle
Hanging with Tarzan
Going to see Kerchak
Time Trials and Trinities

Olympus Coliseum
Herc the Hero
The Phil Cup
The Hercules Cup
The Pegasus Cup

Exploring Agrabar

Monstro the Whale
Chasing Pinnocchio

Under the Sea!

Halloween Town
Looking For a Heart

Flying with Peter Pan

Hollow Bastion
Finding the Princesses
The Library and Lift Stops
Dealing with Maleficient
Ansem and the Results

End of the World
Chests and Behemoth

Hundred Acre Woods
Meeting Pooh
Rabbit and Eeyore

Lists and Bonusses
Blue Trinity Locations
Red Trinity Locations
Yellow Trinity Locations
White Trinity Locations
Green Trinity Locations
Dalmatian Puppy Locations
FAQ: Mysterious Goo

Kingdom Hearts Review
Kingdom Hearts Screenshots

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