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A Dog Lover´s Guide to the Internet star
A complete guide to the very best sites on the web for canine care from puppyhood to caring for aging pets, plus resources to help make the most of every minute along the way.

A Glossary for Dog Owners - A star
Here's a glossary to explain the meaning of some of the canine related terms you might find here and on other sites about dogs. This page contains terms that begin with the letter A.

A Guide to the Chihuahua star
If you want a small, devoted pet you can cuddle and spoil, a Chihuahua may be the right dog for you. Here's lots of information about this tiny breed.... breed clubs, Chihuahua rescue, care, health and training, plus Chihuahua forums, fun and games online.

A Safe and Sound Halloween for Dogs star
Halloween night can be stressful for pets. No matter how much you like to include your dog in family activities, it´s one time that dogs should probably be excluded from family fun.

A Safe Home for the Holidays star
Keep the safety of your pets in mind when decking the halls. If you know the risks and take a few precautions you can avoid holiday hazards.

Adopt a Military Service Dog star
For centuries, dogs have served alongside man in battle and on patrol. Now, military service dogs that are retired are sometimes adopted out to live the rest of their days as a civilian. Adopt a military service dog not only in honor of their service, but for those whose lives they have saved.

Air Travel Guide star
Read and compare airline pet travel policies.

American Eskimo Dogs star
American Eskimo Dogs, fondly referred to as Eskies, are white Spitz type dogs. They´re friendly, intelligent, fun-loving dogs that make great family pets.

Basset Hound star
Basset Hounds are sweet, gentle, loyal companions. They´re calm, affectionate dogs that are great with children and other pets.

BellaOnline Dogs Shop star
Buy all your pet supplies, conveniently, online!

Canine Courage Book Review star
Do you have a story to tell about your own special dog or dog hero, or just an interesting or funny dog story to share?

Canine Flu - Is Your Dog at Risk? star
How serious is this disease? How concerned should you be?

Canine Wisdon star
Here´s a bit of canine wisdom I thought you might enjoy.... Things We Can Learn From a Dog

Caring For Your Senior Dog star
Knowing how the aging process can affect a dog, recognizing the signs of pain and aging, and making a few adjustments can give an elderly dog a healthier, happier life and extra quality time.

Caution - Easter Can Be Hazardous to Your Dog star
Chocolate is not the only harmful thing a dog can find in an Easter basket. There are potential risks for dogs from other items associated with celebrating Easter.

Chilly Dogs - Part One - Staying Safe & Warm star
In average winter temperatures most dogs enjoy being outdoors and they need their walks and exercise. Dogs can stay warm with their built-in fur coats or the protection of their jackets and sweaters. BUT.... that's not the case when temperatures take a dramatic plunge.

Chilly Dogs - Part Two - Winter Paw Care star
Even paws covered in heavy fur get cold when they get wet. Exposure to ice, snow and salt can be a hazard to even the toughest paws. Well-made boots can keep a dog´s paws warm and dry in rain, ice, and snow and protect them from the harmful effects of salt and de-icers.

Chinese Shar-pei star
The Shar-pei is an ancient breed that originated in China more than 2000 years ago and became nearly extinct in the 1960s. Shar-peis have made a phenomenal comeback and are now popular, much loved dogs all around the world.

Christmas Puppy star
Never give anyone a pet as a Christmas present, especially as a surprise. Pet ownership is a long term commitment that should never be thrust on anyone, even if they´ve talked about the possibility of getting a new pet.

Clean and Healthy Ears star
Ear care should be part of your regular grooming routine. By checking your dog´s ears often you´ll notice signs or irritation early and help prevent painful, often hard to treat ear infections.

Could Your Dog Be a Blood Donor? star
Do you have a calm, friendly, healthy dog that fits the requirements to be blood donor volunteer?

Crate Training star
Contrary to what many frustrated dog owners believe, crating a dog is not inhumane. When properly introduced to a crate, a dog will not feel like it´s trapped in a cage, but secure and content in it´s own special place

Day With The Champions star
The dogs at Westminster are true champions in the arena, but backstage they´re just someone´s lovable pets.

Dog Biscuit Mix in a Jar star
A great gift in a jar idea for fellow dog lovers!

Dog Jigsaw Puzzles star
Put this jigsaw puzzle together to see Shih Tzus, Angel and Thunder, basking in the sunlight, or click on a title for more online dog jigsaw puzzles.

Doggie Door star
Using a doggie door takes some getting used to, but even older dogs can be taught to use one. My 8 and 11 year old dogs recently learned to use their new doggie door in a few days. A patio pet door panel can provide an almost instant doggie door with no cutting or permanent installation required.

Doggy Alzheimer´s Disease star
Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome causes disorientation, confusion, memory loss and personality changes that are very similar to Alzheimer´s Disease in humans. Don´t assume that changes in your senior dog´s behavior are just a natural part of aging.

Dogs & Collars star
Guest writer Mavis Metcalf has written about an incident involving her dogs that may make you think twice about having a collar on your dog.

Dogs & Fireworks star
The bright lights and loud boom of fireworks can be very frightening to a dog.

Dog´s Thanksgiving Day star
It can be fun to keep our dogs with as we enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, but it´s hard to resist the temptation to share dinner with them. Here´s a few tips to help keep them happy and healthy as you gather round the table.

E-Collars - Those Dreaded Lampshades star
An E-collar is the one sure way to stop the licking and allow a dog's wound to heal. It takes some getting used to and extra supervision, but the good results are worth it!

Ebook - Homemade Treats for Good Doggies star
Pamper your dogs with gourmet treats, fresh from your own kitchen, at a fraction of the cost of buying them.

English Springer Spaniels star
As pets, Springers are extremely affectionate and thrive on attention. As sporting dogs, they are enthusiastic, tireless, and skilled.

Fall Fleas star
The end of summer doesn´t mean you can let down your guard and forget about flea and tick protection. Since fleas thrive in temperatures around 70 degrees, September is often the worst month for flea problems.

Find - A - Dog star
Are you looking for a new dog to love? Pet finders now lists over 100,000 dogs waiting for new homes...Dogs of all breeds and of mixed heritage. Begin your search here.

Floppy - A Different Kind of Dog star
Is floppy a "real dog"? Judge for yourself.

Foxtails - A Deadly Summertime Danger star
Foxtail seeds can easily become lodged between a dogs toes, in its ears, and in its eyes. Since they're barbed like a fish hook, the seeds can be difficult to remove.

Free to a Good Home star
If, for any reason you cannot keep your dog, please Do Not try to find a new home for your dog by offering it - "Free to a Good Home".

Gifts & Accessories for Dog Lovers star
Shop online for T-Shirts and other apparel, books, magazines, stuffed dogs, collectibles, plus other gifts and accessories for dog lovers.

Give Your Dog A Pill star
Here´s how to give your dog prescription and over-the-counter pills and capsules prescribed or recommended by your Vet.

Give Your Dog A Pill star
Here´s how to give your dog prescription and over-the-counter pills and capsules prescribed or recommended by your Vet.

Have You Gone to the Dogs??? star
There are many "author unknown" lists much like this one around the internet. I´ve combined a few of them and added some of my own "symptoms".

Help - I think my dogs have accidentally mated! star
Question from a reader - Can you give me some advice about whelping?

Holiday Information & Fun for Dog Lovers star
Links to craft projects for homemade gifts, fun and inspirational Christmas poems and stories, safety and travel advice, online shopping, Ecards and more - for dog lovers.

Household Poisons Help Sheet star
This page contains a list of household products that are poisonous to dogs. For many poisons, it´s important to remove the ingested substance from a pet´s stomach by causing him to vomit. This chart tell you when to induce vomiting and when not to.

In Memory of Fritz star
My precious dog, Fritz, has lost his battle with cancer. Fritz was more than a beloved pet. He was my devoted companion, my furry gray child and my protector. I was his mom, his care giver and his life long friend.

Irish American Tail Waggers star
Since our thoughts turn to all things Irish around St. Patricks Day, this is a good time to profile American Kennel Club breeds whose ancestors originated on the Emerald Isle.

Irish Setter star
The pround, elegant Irish Setter is the most popular dog that originated in Ireland. These beautiful dogs are easily recognized by their luxurious deep mohagany red coats.

Irish Terrier star
The Irish Terrier is one of the oldest terrier breeds. Beneath the bushy eyebrows, there´s deep dark brown eyes, a black nose, and a sweet, inquisitive, endearing expression.

Irish Water Spaniel star
The most comical of the group of dogs native to Ireland is sometimes called "a leprechaun in disguise" because of its frazzled curls and clownish personality. The Irish Water Spaniel is a most unique dog, and according to AKC registrations, one of the most rare.

Irish Wolfhound star
These slightly shaggy dogs are intelligent, good-natured gentle giants with sweet dispositions. They are sensitive, affectionate pets who love everyone in their family.

Itchy Summer Hot Spots star
Hot spots can start with almost anything that irritates a dog´s skin. With incessant scratching, licking and chewing a very small irritated area can quickly become a large infected sore.

Kerry Blue Terrier star
There are 3 AKC registered Terriers of Irish heritage. The Kerry Blue Terrier is the official "National Dog of Ireland".

Living As Prisoners ... Longing to be Pets star
Some dogs spend their lives in “solitary confinement,” fastened to the end of a chain. Some dog owners do not realize the consequences of this inhumane practice.

Living with Dogs star
Guest writer Mavis Metcalf writes about life with her 3 large dogs.

Lovable Labs star
The Labrador Retriever is always among the AKC´s top 3 most popular breeds. They´re gentle, loving family pets and great hunting companions.

Make Your Own Gourmet Pet Treats star
Preservative free dog treats made with wholesome, all-natural ingredients are a welcome change from commercial brands of dog biscuits sold in supermarkets.

More Than Friendship star
We are caretakers of the special dogs in our lives. We share our homes with them, do all we can to keep them safe and healthy, and love them. The rewards are great.... unconditional love, devotion, friendship beyond measure and a deep emotional bond.

Mushrooms - Deadly Poisons in Your Own Backyard star
Many dog owners don't realize that some of the mushrooms growing in their yard are highly toxic and can kill the dog who eats them.

Naming Your Dog star
Here´s a large collection of names to help you choose the perfect name for your new dog.

Pet Food Recall star
There are more than 50 brands included in the Menu Foods pet food recall. Has your dog or cat consumed any of the possibly tainted foods?

Protect Your Dog from Heartworm Disease star
Protect your dog from Heartworm disease, a serious and potentially fatal condition, with a monthly heartworm preventative and annual heartworm testing.

Rate My Dog Gallery star
Click on a dog´s picture to see it´s page in "Rate My Dog"

Remembering America´s Canine Heroes star
Honoring the sacrifice and heroic contributions of man´s best friend in combat.

Reverse Sneezing in Dogs star
A reverse sneeze isn´t really a sneeze at all. Reverse sneezing isn´t an illness, but it is something all dog owners should be aware of.

Saying Goodbye star
While losing a life-long canine companion may often be a child´s first experience with death, loss of a beloved pet is something that most dog lovers will experience time and time again during their own lifetime.

Seat Belts for Dogs? star
With their seat belts fastened, dogs can no longer roam around the car. The harnesses secure and restrain, but they do not totally restrict movement. The dogs can sit and watch the scenery or they can just as easily lie down and sleep comfortably if they want too.

Siberian Husky star
Beautiful Siberian Huskies are gentle, affectionate pets and strong, adventurous sled dogs.

Skunk Encounter Remedy star
If your dog gets sprayed by a skunk, here´s what to do...

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier star
One of three terrier breeds of Irish ancestry, The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a medium size terrier with a soft, slightly wavy coat wheat colored coat.

Spay and Neuter Your Dogs star
Spaying and neutering not only prevents unwanted puppies and helps to alleviate the problem of pet overpopulation, it also makes dogs better pets and healthier pets. It increases their quality of life and life expectancy.

Spring & Summer Safety - Lawn & Garden Hazards star
Hazards from tree Sprays, garden Dusts, foggers, slug and snail pellets, rodenticides, chemicals in pressure treated decks and other household poisons + stinging insects, heartworm, fleas, ticks, etc.

Spring & Summer Safety for Dogs - Warm Weather Hazards star
Temperatures do not need to be extremely high outside to reach dangerous levels inside a car or on the back of a pick-up truck. Here´s warm weather safety advice plus tips on water safety.

Summer Dog Articles star
Articles with Spring and Summer safety tips + information about traveling and vacationing with your dog.

The Beagle star
Beagle popularity is likely to increase now that a dog named "Uno" has made history by becoming the first Beagle ever to win top honors at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. These highly sociable hounds can be wonderful family pets, but they are not for everyone.

The Flying Dog star
When travel plans with your dog include flying, even on the most accomodating airline, it means hours of separation. A tiny pooch who´s owner plans ahead, will fly under a seat, as carry-on baggage. For others, travel by air means traveling as checked baggage or as air cargo...traveling alone.

The Presa Canario star
As a family pet this rare breed is gentle and affectionate. As a guardian/protector he is focused and courageous.

The Right Dog for You, Part One - Are You Ready for a Dog? star
Are you ready to commit the next 12 to 15 years or more to caring for your canine companion? Will you be able to provide a loving home, food, and health care for it´s lifetime?

The Right Dog for You, Part Three - Choosing a Breeder star
You want a breed with the traits you like best in a dog, but if you buy your puppy from an irresponsible breeder, it might not grow up to look like you thought it would... the way it´s supposed to look. The breeder can make a huge difference in a puppy´s health and temperament too.

The Right Dog For You, Part Two - Choosing a Dog star
When you´re certain that you´re ready for a new canine companion, it´s time to carefully choose a dog with characteristics that match your personal preferences and your lifestyle.

The Traveling Dog star
More than ever before, instead of being left behind, the family dog, or dogs, are traveling with their family.

The Wonderful Weimaraner star
Weimaraners are versatile hunting dogs and wonderful pets. They´re loving, fiercely devoted companions - quick to learn and eager to please.

Tick Tips star
In most areas of the country, ticks are active from about April to November. Tick bites can transmit bacteria that cause serious illness in pets and people.

Travel Shop star
Traveling with your dog? Find everything you need for your dogs comfort and safety.

Victims of Hurricane Katrina Need Your Help star
Donations are needed to care for the thousands of pets being rescued in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

What Do All Those Abbreviations Mean? star
When you see a dog´s pedigree or read about dog shows and events, do you know the meaning of all those titles and abbreviations?

When Your Dog Must Have an Ultrasound star
An ultrasound is a painless diagnostic procedure, and, unlike x-rays, no radiation is involved. A Veterinarian can visualize the inside a dog's heart and other internal organs for an accurate diagnosis. Here's what to expect if your dog must have an ultrasound.

Yorkie Doodle Dandy Book Review star
Yorkie Doodle Dandy: A Memoir is about a four pound Yorkshire Terrier hero of World War II

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