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g Body Care Site

BellaOnline's Body Care Editor

Basic Body Care

Everything you need to know about taking care of your body!

Seven Common Health Problems and Solutions star
Let's take a look at seven common health problems and their solutions.

Spring Cleansing Rituals star
Spring time is a great time to think about body care and taking control of your health and well being.

Sun Protection Factor star
Information on (SPF)or the Sun Protection Factor.

Top Healthy New Year Resolutions star
The New Year is the time of year to make all those new resolutions and to set important health goals to accomplish through the year.

What Causes Dry Feet star
There are dozens of ways that we use, abuse, and neglect our feet. Let�s take a closer look at causes and a few solutions.

7 Ways to Eliminate Body Odor star
Body odor is a very common problem that affects both men and women in their prime when hormones are high and very active.

Alarming Facts About High Blood Pressure star
Health professionals find most people are shocked when they discover that their blood pressure is extremely high. Don't let it happen to you.

Antibacterial Soap Warnings star
Researchers found that using antibacterial soaps might actually cause you more harm than good!

Antioxidant Benefits star
Researchers suggest that everyone who is concerned about their health add foods containing natural antioxidants to their daily diet.

Are You Wearing the Right Bra Size? star
Did you know that wearing the wrong bra size might lead to health problems down the line? It's quite true.

Back to School Body Care Freebies star
Collecting random samples, free stuff, and sample boxes, is a fun way to save money on popular personal care products.

Basic Back to School Body Care Products star
In this guide we break down the essential body care products required to get you through the school year looking fabulous.

Beauty and Body Care Savings star
Easy Ways to Save on Beauty & Body Care Products.

Best Skin Moisturizers for Winter star
We take a close look at skin lotions, skin creams, and body moisturizers that keep skin supple moist and well nourished during those cold and harsh winter months.

Best Summer Lip Balms star
Lip balms are designed to provide dry summer lips with nourishing and healing oils while leaving them feeling silky smooth.

Blissful Feet Pod Review star
This review is for those wondering if the inexpensive Blissful Feet Pod lives up to its claim to transforms your feet from rough to soft in just minutes with its precision stainless steal surface.

Body Care Quiz star
Body Care Quiz!

Body Care Resolutions star
Most of us make those New Year resolutions and many of the resolutions concern body care.

Body Care Top Articles 2015 star
Body Care Top Articles 2015

Body Cleansing star
Today, alternative medicine experts hold that body cleansing is a healthy way to remove harmful toxins out of the body and improve health.

Body Massage Benefits star
Body massage is a purely natural way to exercise the body and cure many common ailments. Body massage is also a great way to restore energy to the body.

Body Wash And Soap star
We compare natural body wash products that cleanse the skin and the old fashioned soap bar.

Bottled Water Vs Tap Water star
Statistics compiled by the NRDC show that sales for bottled water are on the rise across the country, but is bottled water better or safer than tap water?

Caffeine Addiction star
There is a well-known drug that is hiding in your kitchen cupboards. Millions consume this drug every day.

Can You Pass The Cellulite Test? star
Studies show that the majority of the female population develop cellulite at some point in their life.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Warnings star
A surprising statistic shows that women are more prone to develop carpal tunnel syndrome then men.

Colors and Personality star
Feeling blue? In the pink? Green with envy? Red with anger? Colors represent emotions or create an emotional response.

Controlling Oily Hair star
Many women with oily skin also suffer from oily hair problems. Often the problem is due to genetics or an unknown hormone imbalance.

Dark Spots On Knees star
Concerns treating or removal of the dark sports on knees.

Deodorants VS Antiperspirants star
Things get a little heated when some start to discuss whether deodorants or antiperspirants are best!

Detox Diet Warnings star
Statistics show that the very popular Detox Diet might cause more harm than good.

Dry Chapped Lip Causes & Cures star
Rough, dry, chapped lips are painful and certainly not very attractive. Protecting your lips is very important for looks and health reasons.

Dry Skin Protection star
Follow the tips provided in this article to keep your skin younger, fresher, more supple. Thus avoiding excessive dry skin.

Emergency Body Care Kit star
20 Essential Items for Your Emergency Body Care Kit.

Essential Aromatherapy Guide star
Essential Aromatherapy Guide

Essential Guide to Growing Healthy Nails star
The Spring/Summer Makeover Series: Nails

Essential Guide to Healthy Feet star
The Spring/Summer Makeover Series:Healthy Feet

Essential Guide to Healthy Hands star
The Spring/Summer Makeover Series: Healthy, Glowing Hands

Essential Guide to Sea Salt Baths star
Sea Salt contains numerous minerals and vitamins that are good for your body. Relax in a "Dead Sea Salt Bath" and experience a soothing, relaxing, stress reducing feeling.

Excess Body Hair Removal star
More people than you might think struggle with excess body hair problems on the face and the body. In this article we discuss popular ways to remove unwanted body hair.

Excessive Sweating Facts star
Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis. People with this condition seem to sweat excessively under any type of conditions.

Fall Exercise Tips star
Exercising is one essential way to keep the body fat off during the colder months of the year.

Five Minute Holiday Stress Busters star
Handle Holiday Stress Attacks In Less Than 5 Minutes!

Five Mysterious Body Complaints star
Beware of these five mysterious body complaints.

Five Old Wives Tales About Health star
In this article we take a closer look at a few popular old wives tales and the belief behind them.

Five Powerful Herbs for Women star
If a natural herb held the capacity to heal to a degree, should we give it a try?

Five Summer Body Care Tips star
Warmer weather establishes a whole new set of body care rules to follow.

Five Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain star
Here are important tips on how to ward off the dreaded holiday weight gain.

Five Ways to Reduce Dust Allergy During Summer star
Five Ways to Reduce Dust Allergy During Summer.

Garcinia Cambogia - Safe For Weight Loss? star
Several studies discovered evidence that garcinia cambogia has the potential to increase weightloss and reduce body fat.

Germs Hiding in Restrooms star
Those who are concerned about germs in the public restrooms should follow some of the tips provided here.

Germs Hiding in Your Makeup star
Products that you apply to your face, lips, eyes, could spread germs and make you sick.

Get Ready For Summer With These Sunburn Tips star
Get Ready For Summer With These Sunburn Tips!

Gold Bond Ultimate Strength & Resilience star
Gold Bond Ultimate Strength & Resilience with Proteins & Lipids Product Review.

Great Herbs to Grow star
Great Herbs for Herbal Gardens.

Guide to Body Care Product Safety star
Let's review the body care product safety rules concerning product expiration dates.

Halloween Safety Tips star
Here are a few safety tips to follow on Halloween for kids and adults.

Healthy Healing Facts star
Many people already possess the solution for many common health problems right in their kitchen cupboards and medicine cabinets.

Holiday Body Care Gifts for Men star
Great holiday body care gifts for men that they might like and actually enjoy using throughout the year.

Home Exercise Programs star
Tips on starting a home fitness program that fits your lifestyle.

Home Remedies for Five Embarrassing Problems star
Common sense advice for five often embarrassing body care problems.

Home Spa Secrets star
Learn spa secrets that you can use at home to nourish your body, keep it healthy, and pamper yourself.

Homemade Valentine Day Bath Salts Treats star
Making your own bath salts for Valentine's Day is great fun. Treat yourself to these fragrant homemade bath salt delights, especially suited for Valentine's Day.

How Do I Make Elbows More Attractive star
In upcoming articles we are going to take a look at a few of the most frequently asked body care questions.

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain star
Tips to avoid packing on the weight during the winter holidays.

How to Get Aromatherapy Benefits star
Several easy ways to receive aromatherapy benefits without buying a diffuser.

How to Save Money On Fall Body Care Products star
How to save money on fall body care products!

Improving Dry Hair star
Women are guilty of abusing the hair in various ways. They chemically treat hair, straighten hair, curl hair, process hair, color hair. All contribute to drying out the hair!

Interesting Facts About Calluses star
Researchers at the American Podiatric Medical Association state that our feet are subjected to several tons of intensive force and pressure during the day.

Losing Weight Naturally star
Women with a weight problem know how frustrating it is trying to lose weight. Whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds this information is for you.

Metabolism & Weight Loss star
Research shows that boosting the metabolism leads to weight loss.

More Herbal Plants that Heal star
More Herbal Plants that Heal: A practical guide to more popular herbs and their uses in body care and health.

More Old Wives Tales About Health star
Old Wives Tales about health are ingratiated into modern day American culture. Other countries also report their own prevailing old wive tales concerning health that many people treat more like fact than fiction.

Nail Health star
Nails protect the sensitive tissue on our fingertips and they give us an important inside window to the condition of our health.

Nail Infection Problems star
Nail infections are quite common. The two most common types of nail infections are fungal infection and bacterial infection.

PMS Tripping star
PMS is all in your head!

Popular Body Massage Techniques star
Body massage is an alternative healing technique that is used to calm and soothe the body by using the hands and fingers to manipulate the muscles and skin of the individual. In this article we explore popular techniques.

Popular Essential Oils to Try star
Check out this list of popular essential oils to add to your beauty and body care routine.

Popular Herbal Plants Guide star
A practical guide to popular herbs and their uses in body care and health.

Probiotics Foods & You star
Maybe you've digested probiotic foods without really realizing the fact. Why? Probiotics are commonly found in many of the foods most of us eat everyday.

Professional Home Manicure star
Easy guide to giving yourself a professional nail manicure at home.

Professional Home Pedicures star
Here are instructions on how to do a professional pedicure at home.

Proper Way to Wash Hands star
Would you take five minutes out of your day to learn an easy way to stop the transmission of colds, viruses, and infections? Read on for important facts!

Read This Before Purchasing New Cosmetic Products star
Warning: Read This Before Purchasing Any New Cosmetic Products!

Rev Up Summer Skin Care star
Revitalize your summer skin care routine with these easy tips!

Saving on Beauty & Body Care Products star
A quick guide to saving money on beauty and body care products.

Seven Tips to Stay Cool star
Hot weather might lead to dehydration, severe cramping, and heat stroke. It is easy to avoid these heat related problems if we take a few necessary precautions.

Sexy Toned Legs At Any Size star
Want strong, sexy, and toned legs? Then, start working out!

Shea Butter Benefits star
Shea butter is a favorite additive in many cosmetic products because of its great moisturizing qualities.

Spring Body Cleansing star
Spring time presents a great opportunity to think about improving health.

Stretch to Reduce Holiday Stress star
Stretching movements invigorate the body and renew energy. Thus, preparing the body to easily adapt to any type of holiday stress.

Stretchmarks Causes and Cures star
Many women suffer with the embarrassment of stretch marks. And they actively search for a way to remedy this problem. Read this article for vital information on causes and cures.

Summer Skin Care star
Follow the summer skin care tips in this article to enjoy the sun and protect your skin all summer long.

Summer Survival Kit star
Prepare for the summer heat by making your own summer survival kit.

Summer Survival Kit 2012 star
How to prepare a personal body care summer survival kit for 2012.

Sun Ray Protection star
SPF or Sun Protection Factor is a way to measure sunscreen effectiveness.

Sunscreen Protection 101 star
Let's take a look at why wearing sunscreen protection is a good thing for those with fair to dark complexions. We also explore a way to select the perfect sunscreen for your lifestyle.

Sunscreens Exposed star
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sunscreens.

Super Skin Secrets star
Super skin secrets to gorgeous winter skin.

Taking Care of Hands star
Basic hand care tips.

Taking Care of Knees and Elbows star
We often make sure that our face and body are well moisturized and taken care of but ignore knees and elbows.

Taking Care of Summer Feet star
Summer Foot Care Tips!

Tattoo Removal star
Tattoo's are very popular. And everybody from young kids to older adults are wearing these artistic creations on their body.

Ten Vitamin Packed Vegetables star
Here are important reasons why you should add a dose of healthy vegetables to the daily menu.

Ten Ways to Reduce Household Allergies star
Many mild allergy problems can be reduced or even eliminated in the home by using some good old common sense.

The Body Care Newsletter star
The Body Care Newsletter is a free newsletter which is sent out weekly and provides a wealth of knowledge for anybody seeking information or practical advice on nurturing, loving, and taking care of their entire self.

The Most Overlooked Facts About Botox star
The Most Overlooked Facts About Botox

The Original Body Care Quiz star
The quiz questions are taken from previous articles published on the Body Care site.

The Stress Quiz star
Stress is a feeling that most people have experienced at least once in their life time. The feeling is very recognizable. The heart starts pumping fast, sweat breaks out on the brows, breathing is rapid, and there is a feeling of losing control. Find out exactly how much you know about stress.

The Truth About Household Spring Allergies star
Dust particles collect on the furniture, carpets, rugs, and linen. You can't see them, but they are still there and causing upper respiratory allergic reactions to sensitive individuals in the home.

Tick And Mosquito Warnings star
Mosquitoes and ticks are more than an annoyance during the summer. They are pest that cause disease and illness.

Top Five Reasons Women Keep Body Fat star
Perhaps there is a secret to losing weight and keeping the pounds off. Lets explore reasons why women keep body fat and fail to lose weight.

Top Ten Body Care Articles List star
Top Ten Articles Last Month. Learn About The Body Care Articles Visitors Read The Most!

Top Unwanted Hair Removal Methods star
In this article, we take a closer look at a few popular hair removal methods.

Total Body Care star
Total Body Care is a way to practice proper hygiene, wellness, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Total Body/Mind Health star
Your Total Body Care

Treating Menopause star
Treating menopause effectively.

Varicose Veins News star
Treating Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

Warning: Tech Neck Is Real star
Tech Neck is a health problem that was first noticed in adolescent teens who were spending an enormous amount of time texting. However, older adults are catching up.

Warnings About Cheap Body Care Products star
The Internet and local discount stores are filled with products at an extreme discount price. Certainly, most of us love a good bargain, but do you really know what type of skin care or body care product you're purchasing?

Water Requirements & Your Body star
The human body is over 60 percent water and requires adequate amounts to function properly.

Weird Body Stress Habits star
Let's take a look at a few unusual body stress habits that might cause harm.

What is Your Skin Trying to Tell You? star
In the summer time people are more active and participate in more outdoor activities. Sensitive skin blisters and burns. People complain about dry or chapped skin. What is your skin trying to tell you?

What Women Should Know About Osteoporosis star
More women than men develop osteoporosis. Learn ways to avoid developing this disease.

What You Need to Know About Body Soaks star
Body soaks are good stress reducers and a wonderful way to detox the body, while nourishing the skin.

What's Your Stress Level star
Stress is a part of the external world and the internal world. It can seem overwhelming trying to find a balance. Test your stress level.

Why You Should Wear Sunglasses star
Sunglasses are a cool fashion statement and they serve another very important purpose.

Winterize Your Skin star
Let' s review a few easy ways to protect the skin during the winter months.

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