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#1 Rule to Be Naturally Thin star
Bethenny Frankel author of Naturally Thin shares her #1 rule to help you unleash your skinny girl. If you´re sick and tired of diets you’re gonna love this!

10 Minute Bootcamp Workouts for Busy Brides star
Get in shape for your wedding day quick. 10 minutes 4 times a week in your home or at the gym, with or without equipment. New and improved version.

15 Minute Fatloss Workout Guide star
Get a 15 minute workout that boosts fat loss and calories burned with these quick fitness tips. How to turn your quick workout into a fat loss workout that gets results.

5 Big Weightloss Mistakes To Avoid star
The 5 big mistakes that most people make when losing weight and tips on how to avoid them.

5 Minute Fitness Solutions star
There´s 168 hours in a week and you absolutely have five minutes to spare. The best exercise moves to tone up and de-stress without wasting hours in the gym.

5 Questions To Your Perfect Fitness Program star
Confused by all the promises and get fit quick plans that most books and infomercials advertise? Ask yourself these five questions and find out if any program is right for you.

8 Metabolism Boosters for Weight Loss star
This super informative Q & A with fat loss expert Craig Ballantyne gives you the 411 on metabolism plus the facts about whether 8 top metabolism boosting tips actually work!

8 Minutes in the Morning Fatloss & Fitness Tips star
Women these days don’t have time for complicated and lengthy fitness routines, or elaborate diet plans but still want to lose weight and look good. Jorge Cruise, author of 8 Minutes in the Morning, believes that getting fit and shedding pounds can be easy and shares 5 basic principles that he’s used to help over 3 million cyber clients reach their weightloss and fitness goals.

A Review of the Fitbit Zip star
If you are into the technical aspects of fitness then you will enjoy this review of the Fitbit Zip. This tiny gadget is a clock, pedometer, calculates the distance walked, and the calories you burned, all for the moderate price of $59.95.

A Review of the Fitbit Zip star

Ab Circuit Tips star
These ab circuit workout tips ensure that you´ll get killer abs from your ab workouts. The ab exercises and tricks experts use with their clients to burn belly fat faster.

Ab Workouts vs. Ab Fat Loss star
Working hard to burn belly fat but getting nowhere with your ab fat loss? Get the 411 on why your ab workouts may be working against you from fat loss expert Craig Ballantyne plus 3 new workouts that burn belly fat faster.

All About Calories & Weightloss part 1 star
Easy formula to determine your ideal calorie intake, easy ways to count, slash, and burn calories.

All About Calories & Weightloss part 2 star
Now that you know your ideal intake, plus have ideas on how to slash and burn calories figure out how to convert calories into grams and when calories don´t count.

Amazing Weightloss Facts star
Trying to eat healthy can be a challenge. These amazing factoids can help you focus on what really counts which will get you to your goal weight much faster.

At-Home Workouts vs. Gym Workouts star
Pros and cons of at-home workouts so you can decide whether it´s for you plus links to great articles on building an inexpensive home gym, building a home-gym you´ll use and 2 weeks of free workouts from GHF.

Athletic Workouts to Burn More Fat star
Tired of the same old workout? Boost workout results, add some much needed intensity and fun to your exercise routine with athletic workouts that burn fat.

Avoid The Freshman Fifteen star
Top 10 reasons you will gain weight in college plus tons of diet tips to help you prevent weight gain, and fitness recommendations that work.

Awesome Fitness Options for Kids star
Get your kids active and happy with these awesome fitness games and toys. They´ll never suspect they´re burning calories, improving coordination, and learning how to love fitness.

Baby Bootcamp star
Lose the baby weight with baby bootcamp, a mom friendly, results-oriented environment that boosts your self-confidence.

Balance Ball Fitness star
Get the benefits of working on the ball plus tips on how to choose the right size ball.

Balanced Workouts for Ultimate Fitness star
Find your ideal combination of stretch, strength, and cardio, and achieve ultimate health, fitness, and happiness.

Beach Body Workout Tips star
Get a lean bikini body with 3 Beach Body Workout Tips from Tony Horton of P90X. Easy to apply beach body workout techniques and video that speed up fatloss.

Beginner´s Guide to Half-Marathon Training star
This awesome guide by the National Institute for Fitness & Sport helps you thru every stage of marathon training from goal setting to choosing shoes to eating right, injury prevention, and more.

Best Ab Exercises Workout star
The best ab exercises workout should include ab exercises that burn body fat and get you sexy lean abs in less time. Top ab exercises and ab fatloss tips you need for great abs.

Best Butt & Abs Fatloss Workout star
The killer exercises your body needs to lift and firm the butt, burn fat, and flatten the abs. The best butt and abs workout moves for toning and fatloss.

Best Exercise DVDs for Weight Loss star
The best exercise dvd´s for weightloss will help you build lean long muscles that burn fat and calories. You´ll shed pounds faster, have fun, and stay motivated.

Best Exercises To Tone Trouble Zones star
The best exercises to tone trouble zones are non-traditional ones like pilates moves, martial arts moves, and boxing moves. Add them to your workout and tone up fast.

Best Fat Burning Videos star
The best pilates, circuit training, step, walking, tae bo, yoga, balance ball, and toning videos

Best Fatloss Plan Tips star
The best fatloss plans tips for easy, quick, and permanent fatloss. 3 key things to look for in a fatloss plan and what types of plans to avoid if you want to keep the weight off forever.

Best Fitness Apparel & Online Workouts star
Save time and money working out. The best place to find all the latest fitness apparel plus online workouts you can download on demand. The stress free way to get fit this holiday season.

Best New Exercise Videos star
Best new exercise videos you can do at home that are challenging, get you results, and are loads of fun.

Best New Exercise Videos star
Best new exercise videos you can do at home that are challenging, get you results, and are loads of fun.

Best Workout Shoes for Great Workouts star
Get the best workout shoes for great workouts. Check out great choices for running, walking, yoga, kickboxing, and more. All the best workout shoes for your favorite workouts.

Best Workouts for Fat Loss star
Tired of working out like an exercise addict and not getting the results you want. This workout guide shows you what workouts waste your time and what workouts burn the most fat.

Beverage Calories Causing Weight Gain star
Having an occasional smoothie or latte isn´t going stall fatloss but here´s how to avoid the beverage calories that derail weightloss and kill your energy levels.

Body For Life For Women star
Get the 411 on what qualifies as a fitness program, why you need to get on one, and 4 fitness programs including my free online fitness program that you can use to burn fat fast.

Body For Life For Women Training Program star
This article is temporarily unavailable, but this site has more content to browse through.

Body For Life For Women Training Program star

Body for Life Women Training Program star

Body Type Workouts star
Body type workouts shows you how to choose workouts based on your specific body type and goals. Get clued in about how to workout for your shape and get results.

Body Weight Set Point star
The facts about your body weight set point and how to reset it. Achieve your ideal weight no matter how much you struggle to maintain your weight now. The secrets to breaking through a weight loss plateau forever.

Boost Exercise Motivation Fast star
Boost exercise motivation and start burning more fat and calories with quick and easy workouts tips and tricks that work.

Boost Exercise Motivation Fast star
Boost exercise motivation and start burning more fat and calories with quick and easy workouts tips and tricks that work.

Boost Metabolism Breakfasts star
These boost metabolism breakfasts jump start fatloss and boost energy levels so you can lose the weight faster. The facts and the meals you need to burn the fat.

Boost Metabolism Q & A star
This super informative Q & A with fat loss expert Craig Ballantyne gives you the 411 on metabolism plus the facts about 8 metabolism boosters and whether they actually work for weightloss and fatloss.

Boost Metabolism with The Thermic Effect star
The best way to burn more calories and fat without counting calories, worrying about what foods you eat, or how much you exercise. It works!!!

Boot Camp Exercises That Boost Fat Loss star
These top boot camp exercises are super effective for fat loss and weight loss. Incorporate them into your workout and start burning more calories.

Boot Camp Workout at Home star
Learn how to make your own boot camp workout at home. Boot camp workouts are as popular as ever with their high intensity being an ultimate calorie burner. Use this mp workout at home, or as an example to design your own.

Bootcamp Workout Tips star
These bootcamp workout tips guarantee that you burn tons of fat and have a blast getting fit whether you´re doing an at home boot camp or in the park with a group.

Build A Workout Plan That Works star
Build a workout plan that keeps you motivated, gets you fit, helps you lose weight and shed body fat? This beginner´s guide shows you everything!

Build An Inexpensive Home Gym star
Build an inexpensive home gym with five basic pieces of equipment and save yourself driving time and membership fees.

Burn Fat During The Holidays star
Burn fat and lose weight during the fattening holiday season. Tips and products that work. You´ll be amazed at how easy it can be to shed while everyone else is packing on the pounds.

Burn More Calories With Balance Training star
How to burn more calories with balance training. When and how to use balance equipment with your fitness program for faster fatloss and toning.

Burn More Calories with Fatloss Workouts star
Learn 3 awesome fatloss workouts pioneered by Crunch Fitness that will help you burn more calories and get fit faster.

Burn More Fat Fitness Trends star
The latest fitness trends can help you burn more fat, get fit and look great faster. Check out the burn more fat workout to learn how to incorporate the latest fat burning exercises and workouts trends into your weekly routine so you can maximize your fitness results.

Calorie Cycling Diet for Fatloss star
Most popular diets cycle calories or carbs for weightloss but this isn�t something new. Find out why a successful diet needs to cycle calories and carbs and an easy way to get started.

Cardio Bootcamp Workout Tips star
Only have 15-20 minutes for cardio? Burn major fat with cardio bootcamp workout tips from Barrys Bootcamp plus 2 videos and 2 cardio bootcamp workouts to get you started.

Cardio Workout Basics star
The cardio workout basics you need to help you burn more fat and get visible results. Cardio workout tips, options, and recommendations for beginners.

Cellulite Solutions star
Decrease body fat and banish cellulite with these great tips.

Chair Exercises Keep Everyone Moving star
Chair exercises are great for people who are recovering from an injury, overweight, arthritic, elderly, or just looking for a change of pace. You can do complete and enjoyable workouts in a chair.

Cheat Meals to Lose Weight star
Should you incorporate cheat meals to lose weight and boost metabolism? It´s not as simple as you think. The truth about cheating on your diet for weightloss.

Choose The Right Nutrition Bar star
Relying on nutrition bars to lose weight and fat is practical and a great way to stay on track with those 5-6 metabolism boosting mini meals. Learn how to choose the right one.

Counting Calories vs. Portion Control star
Some weightloss plans encourage counting calories while others focus on portion control. Get the facts about what really works to help you lose excess pounds forever.

Crack The Fatloss Code Tips star
Crack The Fatloss Code by Wendy Chant explains why your body won´t burn fat and will teach you how to eat for fatloss so you can lose weight without going on another deprivation diet.

Cross Training for Fitness & Fatloss star
Cross training can help you get fit, lose weight and burn fat faster. It also helps you avoid injuries and boosts endurance while preventing fitness plateaus.

Dance Workouts star
Break out of your fitness routine rut with these fun dance workouts that burn calories and include movement patterns that improve your fitness level.

Develop A Fitness Habit star
Develop a fitness habit with these easy to follow tips from highly fit people who workout consistently and feel great.

Dumbbell Presses for Toned Shoulders star
Dumbbell presses for toned shoulders can be a more fat burning type of exercise. These two variations work legs, glutes, and core as well.

Easy Exercise to Relieve Knee Pain star
The knee is the most complex joint in the body and the most likely joint to become injured and painful. Here are some easy exercises to relieve knee pain.

Easy Fitness Tips to Boost Fatloss star
The easy fitness tips that boost fatloss, get you fit faster, save you time and money. Everything from online workouts and mp3 trainers to brainwave and interval training.

Eat To Lose: Healthy Eating Guide star
Learn some simple healthy eating guidelines that guarantee you´ll lose the weight and keep it off while getting healthy and feeling more energized.

Effective Efficient Strength Training star
When you’re developing your workouts it is important to keep in mind that a thorough strength training program needs to consider effectiveness and efficiency. Consider which exercises are best for your muscles within your designed workout and that fit within your time restraints.

Encouraging Tips for Holiday Fitness star
Here are some encouraging tips for holiday fitness. Carve out a few minutes each day to exercise by having a flexible schedule and an open mind. Try these ideas on how to be creative and encourage fitness during the holiday season.

Exercise & Pain star
Exercise and pain don´t have to go hand in hand. Find out why you´re hurting, how to recover, and how to prevent injuries or avoid pain after exercise.

Exercise Excuses Buster star
Top 7 exercise excuses busted. How to stop avoiding exercise and get started with a workout plan. The exercise motivation tips you need to get moving.

Exercises to Relieve Back Pain star

Exercises to Relieve Morning Stiffness star
Here is an easy set of exercises to relieve morning stiffness. Whether you suffer from arthritis, general weakness, recovery from injuries or surgery, you will find relief with these gentle movements done each morning while you are showering.

Exercises to Relieve Neck Pain star
Over 70% of Americans suffer from neck pain at some point in their lives and it is most common in those older than 50. Exercising can relieve neck pain or stop it before it starts. Here are stretching exercises for the neck and upper back.

External Motivation & The Fatloss Plateau star
If your fitness goals are driven by extrinsic motivation then chances are you´ll land on a fatloss plateau and/or gain the weight back. Learn how to tap into intrinsic motivation to get permanent fatloss results.

Extreme Fat Loss Cardio Exercises star
The extreme fat loss cardio exercises you need to get flat abs fast. The right way to train when you need to lose belly fat fast that will also boost endurance, burn tons of calories and tone your legs and upper body.

Fat Burning Bootcamp Workouts star
Fat burning bootcamp workouts are popular and effective for getting a killer body fast. 3 great tips and workout options to get you started.

Fat Burning Cardio & Cardio Intervals star
Learn why fat burning cardio works better than traditional cardio for fat loss and weight loss. Plus, how to add cardio intervals to your cardio workout to burn more fat and calories in less time.

Fat Burning Exercises star
The fat burning exercises you need to add to your existing fatloss workout to get that lean body look faster. Plus a quick fitness video to help you get started.

Fat Burning Outdoor Workouts star
Fat Burning Outdoor Workouts can be fun, quick, and more inspiring than the indoor type. Here´s how to get a fat burning workout at the beach, park, or backyard plus video of an outdoor playground workout.

Fat Burning Weight Loss Workout star
The best weight loss workout is one that builds lean muscle, boosts metabolism, builds endurance, boosts fat loss, and motivation. Find out what workouts to avoid, which ones rock, plus how to turn your routine into a fat burning workout in 3 easy steps.

Fat Burning Workout Secrets star
Five fat burning workout secrets to help you burn more calories, break your plateau, and shorten your workout.

Fire Up Your Metabolism star
Learn some simple diet tricks that boost your metabolism and keep it elevated so you can burn fat and lose weight faster.

Fitness Ball Workout Guide star
Got an exercise ball, fitness ball, balance ball, a stability ball, or body ball and don´t know how to use it? Whatever you call it here are 5 ways to use it beyond boring crunches.

Fitness Boot Camp Guide star
Why fitness boot camps programs work, what type to choose and what type of results to expect. Get the 411 plus plenty of online boot camp options including Hollywood´s famous Barry´s Bootcamp.

Fitness Bootcamp Guide star
The fitness bootcamp guide shows you how to jump start fatloss, burn calories, and get super fit in 3 simple steps.

Fitness Bootcamp Online Guide star
The fitness bootcamp online guide shows you how to jump start fatloss, burn calories, and get super fit with 6 free fatloss workouts, a 4 week workout schedule, and tips.

Fitness Evaluations and the Exercise Prescription star
Learn why you need a fitness evaluation and the basic tests included. Your fitness evaluation is used when a certified fitness specialist prepares your personal exercise prescription which will include fundamental components crucial to your personal fitness goals and growth.

Fitness Gifts for Active Moms star
Fitness gifts for active moms. Moms of babies, pre-schoolers, teenagers, and busy professionals all have different fitness needs. Get the 411 on fitness gifts they´ll love.

Fitness Gifts That Rock! star
Fitness gifts that rock is a great guide that clues you in about what´s hot and what´s not for that exercise fanatic in your life.

Fitness Mistakes To Avoid star
Fitness mistakes to avoid outlines some of the worst exercise blunders that are holding you back from that lean body. 5 how to train tips for great results.

Fitness Program Design for Fast Fatloss star
Fitness program design is easy with these guidelines that will maximize your workouts for great fitness and fatloss results.

Fitness Programs That Work star
Get the 411 on what qualifies as a fitness program, why you need to get on one, and 4 fitness programs including my free online fitness program that you can use to burn fat fast.

Flexibility & Stretching star
Did you know that strength training increases flexibility? Get all the info you need to increase flexibility plus a great program to get you started.

Full Body Workout Tips star
Get quick and easy to follow tips on how to make your full body workouts work for you. Five minute full body workout included. Animated.

Get Bikini Fit In 4 Weeks or Less star
Top body makeover books for bikini season. 4 week and 28 day plans along with more aggressive 12 day and 6 day body makeovers for women who wants results fast!

Get Flat Abs With Non Ab Workouts star
Get flat abs with non ab workouts that burn fat and target your entire body and core.

Get Lean In 15 star
Get great results from your quick workouts with top tips from Get Lean In 15. Four easy to follow guidelines that work plus sneak peak at the Get Lean In 15 Workout

Get Rid of Under Arm Jiggle star
It´s spring and soon you will be wearing your sleeveless tops, it´s time to get rid of under arm jiggle. This set of exercises will work the muscle groups involved in strenghthening and toning the arms.

Get Your Diet & Exercise Back On Track star
Losing control of your diet? Having trouble sticking to your exercise schedule? 3 Easy ways to get back on track.

Getting A Health Club Membership star
How to get the best deal, what to look for, how to deal with pushy sales people, whether to ACH debit or not, signing the agreement, and more...

Great Circuit Training Workout star
This is a really nice circuit training workout. You can use a treadmill or bike for the cardio part and dumbbells for the strength training. Just follow the instructions and enjoy!

Great Fitness Gifts star
Great fitness gifts for your favorite exercise gear fanatic or for yourself. Cool, practical, and affordable exercise gifts that everybody loves.

Great Workout Shoes for Fat Burning Workouts star
Get more out of your workouts with these awesome workout shoes that cushion, support, and look great!

Gym Workouts vs. At Home Workouts star
Pros and cons of gym workouts so you can decide whether it´s for you plus links to great articles on getting a gym membership, hiring a personal trainer, and more.

Healthy Cooking for Weight Loss star
Practical healthy cooking tips you need for quick weight loss, high energy levels, and a better body. Simple healthy cooking tips that anybody can follow regardless of diet plan to save time, money, and calories.

High Intensity Interval Training Workouts star
This article is temporarily unavailable, but this site has more content to browse through.

Holiday Exercise Tips-Do not use star
It’s the holiday season and our schedules are busy; parties, shopping, baking, and a multitude of other tasks. A few indulgences won’t destroy your fitness foundation but if you are still apprehensive about the holiday season, then try some of these holiday exercise tips.

Holiday Fatloss Workouts star
Holiday fatloss workouts can be a challenge due to stress, travel, food, and time, but these 5 fat burning strategies will keep you lean and help you avoid holiday weight.

Holiday Weight Loss Plan star
The holiday weight loss plan you need to shed fat and look great in your new year´s eve party dress.

Home Cardio Machine Buying Tips star
The home cardio machine buying tips you need to work out the complicated stuff like warranties, assembly, delivery, and other important home fitness equipment details you must know before you buy.

Hot Workout DVD´s You´ll Love star
Take your workouts to the next level with these awesome fitness dvd´s that will have you loving your workouts and your body.

How A Cheating Fat Loss Diet Works star
Can you actually lose fat and shed pounds with strategic cheating? The ups and downs of the cheating fat loss diet method and how this extreme fat loss diet can work for you.

How Alcohol Calories Stall Weightloss star
Are alcohol calories slowing down your weightloss? The facts about beer calories, wine calories, when to abstain, or how much to indulge when you’re trying to lose weight.

How To Build A Home Gym You´ll Use star
Build a home gym you´ll use with this 3-step guide that shows you how to figure out where, when, and how to workout and what equipment you´ll need. Plus 2 great examples of home gyms and fitness tools for different goals.

How To Burn Calorie Without Cardio Machines star
If cleaning your bathroom sounds more appealing than long duration cardio then do that instead. Ideas on how to burn calories without cardio machines.

How To Choose A Cardio Machine star
How do you choose a cardio machine? How much should you pay? What features should you look for and more cardio machine tips.

How To Choose The Best Workout star
Want shaplier legs, a beautiful butt, tighter abs, or toned arms? Find out how to choose the best workout for your fitness goals.

How to Design Your Workout Plan star
How many reps and sets to do, how often to train body parts, what groupings do what. Get all the details and build your program.

How To Get Fit on Vacation star
Getting fit before a vacation when you have a demanding job, family, and tons of stress is tough. Why not get fit on vacation and come back looking & feeling fabulous and ready to stick to your fitness plan.

How To Get Results from Quick Workouts star
Quick workouts work you just have to be willing to do all the right things before and after. Incorporate these 5 simple tips for great results plus 3 tools you need for quick workouts anytime anywhere.

How To Hire A Personal Trainer star
Will hiring a personal trainer help you lose the flab and get fit? Answer these questions and find out if this is the best option for you.

How To Lose The Last 5-10 Pounds star
Does it seem that no matter how hard you try your body wants to stay at a certain weight? Find out if set point is just a theory plus tips on how to lose the last 5-10 pounds.

How To Measure Body Fat & Lose Fat star
The best way to measure body fat, what your body fat percentage means, how to burn it off, and how it affects your weight loss.

Ideal Body Weight Scale star
Not all scales are created equal. Find out why getting an accurate weight, along with bodyfat, water weight, and ideal calories is essential for weightloss.

iPod Cardio Workout Tricks star
These iPod cardio workout tricks show you exactly how to boost fat loss and calories burned from you fat burning cardio workouts. No need for downloads or pdf printouts to take with you. Just your favorite music, cardio machine or outdoor activity of your choice, and 3 simple cardio workouts that blast 3 times more calories and 9 times more fat.

iPod Cardio Workout Tricks star
These iPod Cardio Workout tricks are quick and simple and can transform your fat burning cardio workouts so you burn 3 times more calories and 9 times more fat.

Keeping a Fitness Journal star
Keeping a fitness journal is one of the most important tools in your fitness regimen. A fitness journal points out things about yourself that you may not know and can be used to optimize your workouts.

Keeping a Fitness Journal star
Keeping a fitness journal is one of the most important tools in your fitness regimen. A fitness journal points out things about yourself that you may not know and can be used to optimize your workouts.

Kick Butt Cardio star
Machine cardio not cutting it? Manipulate those programs to burn maximum calories or try this fun non-machine cardio circuit.

Kid Play Workouts That Burn Fat star
Have fun while you burn fat and improve core strength, balance, and coordination with kid play workouts. All you need is a couple of active toys that you can share with your kids.

Look Great Naked 10 Minute Workout star
Look Great Naked author Brad Schoenfeld reveals top exercise myths, workout tips and how to get a great 10 minute workout.

Lose 5 Fast star
Jump start weightloss by shocking your body into releasing water and toxins with this detox diet plan.

Lose Baby Weight star
Lose the baby weight with 4 quick and easy tips from Lindsay Brin´s Postnatal Bootcamp.

Lose Body Fat for Lean Abs star
Lose body fat for lean abs and overall definition with these 3 easy to follow eating and cardio tips that blast belly fat and get you results.

Lose Weight Faster Cardio or Weight Lifting star
Do we lose weight faster doing cardio or weight lifting? This will explain the difference in the affect of cardio versus weight training on your body and fat burning, and then you can be the judge.

Lose Weight With Just 8 Minutes A Day star
Author of 8 Minutes in the Morning shares his weightloss secrets that have helped over 3 million cyber clients get fit and lose weight forever.

Lower Body Ballet Exercises in Encyclopedia star
Lower body ballet exercises added to the Exercise Encyclopedia

Lower Body Workout Tips star
This article is temporarily unavailable, but this site has more content to browse through.

Maintain Your Exercise Momentum star
Are you losing your exercise momentum? Well don´t worry; it happens to all of us, new and experienced. These tips should help you get motivated whether you are new to exercise or an old-timer.

Maintain Your Exercise Momentum star
Are you losing your exercise momentum? Well don´t worry; it happens to all of us both new and experienced. However, it is especially common in new exercisers because in the beginning you are so excited about exercising that the adrenaline keeps you going. When the adrenaline wears thin your motivation may waiver.

Maximize Your Metabolism Tips star
Get the 411 on how to boost metabolism from metabolism expert Christopher Guerriero. The tips you need to increase your motivation, stick to your diet, eat for energy and maximize your metabolism.

Meal Replacement Shake Review star
Using slim fast to lose weight? Find out why it´s the worst shake on the market and get the nutritional info you need on better options.

Meal Replacement Shakes for Weightloss star
From ready to drink shakes to protein powders. Find out what´s good, what´s gross, what´s affordable, and what´s best for you. Plus link to 3 minute shake recipes.

Medicine Ball Workouts star
Medicine ball workouts are great for building strength, boosting endurance, and can help you burn fat. 5 ways to get great results with a medicine ball.

More Fat Burning Workout Secrets star
More fat burning workout secrets you can use to blast the fat and get ultra lean and toned.

More Simple Workout Tips for A Better Body star
The top simple workout tips for getting a better body whether you want to run a marathon, lose weight, lose body fat, or get strong and ultra fit.

Muscle Soreness Relief & Prevention star
No need to feel the burn for days on end after a workout. Quick tips to prevent muscle soreness plus 5 ways to get relief if you´re hurting.

New Mom & Baby Workout star
Exercises you can do with your baby that will get you back in shape, relieve stress, and create a unique bonding experience.

New Year´s Fitness Resolutions star
Had enough of fitness resolutions that don´t stick? This year you can learn how to evolve instead of resolve. The secret to exercise motivation and evolving into a lean healthy fitness buff is so simple.

No Title star

No Title star
3 totally unique walking exercises that burn fat and tone your entire body. Add them at the end of your walking workout for faster fitness, increased flexibility, strength, endurance, and a faster metabolism.

No Title star

No Title star

No Title star

No Title star

No Title star

Not Active-How To Increase Flexibility and Why star

Personal Trainer Fatloss Secrets star
These personal trainer fatloss secrets will help you burn more fat, blast more calories, and get super fit without spending hours in the gym.

Pilates Workout at Home star
The Pilates workout at home includes 10 exercises from Joseph H. Pilate’s original mat series. The Pilates Method was developed over 90 years ago with the goal of working the deepest inner layer of muscle in the abdomen. This will allow your body to realign, improving your posture, providing flexibility and balance and developing a lean toned body.

Plateau Busters: Exercise Tips star
Blast through your weightloss plateau with these top fitness tips.

Quick Boot Camp Workouts for Busy Brides star
Quick boot camp workouts for busy brides is the fast, stress free, way to lose weight and get fit for a wedding. Workout 10-20 minutes 6 days a week and get results fast. The ultimate bridal fitness program for busy brides.

Quick Cardio Challenge star
Stay on track with your cardio workouts with this super easy 20 minute elliptical cardio workout that blasts calories in a short amount of time.

Quick Healthy Weight Loss Meals star
Learn how to make quick healthy weight loss meals using the foods you love. 3 easy steps to meals that boost metabolism and help you lose weight effortlessly.

Quick Holiday Fatloss Guide star
Lose fat this holiday season by sticking to the best workouts, using only the best detox strategies, and getting only the best fitness gear. The 3 simple strategies you need to stay on track with your fitness and fatloss plan this holiday season.

Quick Machine Free Cardio Workouts star
These 3 quick machine free cardio workouts require little time or equipment to blast fat, burn calories, boost endurance. They´re 10-15-20 min. and can be done at home, in your hotel, at the basketball court, soccer field, backyard, or running track.

Quick Meals That Boost Metabolism star
No time to cook and no desire to eat out. These quick and easy meals taste great and will keep your metabolism running high.

R I C E for Exercise Injuries star
In exercise terminology R I C E stands for: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. RICE is a form of first aid used for soft tissue injuries. This method of first aid can often help relieve pain and heal quicker. Here are the different components of RICE and how they work:

Rebounder Workouts Burn Calories star
Rebound workouts can burn up to 700 calories an hour and get your abs and glutes in the best shape of your life. Here´s what you´ll need to get started.

Recumbent Bike HIIT Fat Burning Workout star
This recumbent bike fat burning workout is based on HIIT, High Intensity Interval, Training. HIIT is a fantastic workout and does burn lots of calories fast. You are working large muscle groups that provide strength; while the intensity provides a cardio workout great for the heart.

Recumbent Bike HIIT Fat Burning Workout star
This recumbent bike fat burning workout is based on HIIT, High Intensity Interval, Training. HIIT is a fantastic workout and does burn lots of calories fast. You are working large muscle groups that provide strength; while the intensity provides a cardio workout great for the heart.

Resistance Band Exercises star
Resistance band exercises are quick, fun, and can be done anytime, anywhere. Check out the top resistance band workout moves for a tight toned body and increased fatloss.

Resistance Bands Strengthen Your Walk star
Walking is a great and popular workout. It gives you the cardio exercise you need. But as part of a complete workout we need 2 days of strength and resistance training each week. Here is a way to get your resistance training and your walk at the same time by using resistance bands.

Resistant Bands Strengthen Your Walk star
Walking is a great and popular workout. It gives you the cardio exercise you need. But as part of a complete workout we need 2 days of strength and resistance training each week. Here is a way to get your resistance training and your walk at the same time by using resistance bands.

Sane Fitness QuickStart Deck star
This easy to use deck of exercise cards provides 6 weeks of "workouts that won´t drive you crazy" and can be done at home or in the gym with minimal equipment and no hassle!

Secret Fat Loss Tricks That Work Fast! star
Incorporate these simple and unusual fat burning tricks and you´ll melt fat and look great faster than you thought possible.

Self Limiting Beliefs and Weightloss star
Self limiting belief and self imposed limitations operate below the surface to prevent weightloss. Learn why installing new success beliefs is key to losing weight.

Set Weightloss Goals That Get Results star
How to set weightloss goals that will help you lose weight quickly, without added stress and for life. The biggest loser weightloss tip you must follow and why most people who don´t follow this tip fail to lose weight over and over.

Sexy Arms Workout Tips star
Use the sexy arms workout tips with any upper body workout to sculpt lean toned arms that look great in a tank top, bikini, or sexy dress.

Simple Workout Tips to Get Fit Fast star
These simple workout tips will help you keep your workouts simple and fun so you get fit, lose weight, and stay committed.

Simple Workouts Get Results star
Frustrated with complex workouts that just don´t work? How to get started with simple workouts that burn fat, tone up trouble zones, and help you drop pant sizes.

Squats for Lean Legs star
When you already have muscle and you want to lean out your legs, the two squat variations below are the best for sculpting sexy legs without the bulk.

Stability Ball Exercises Sculpt Abs Fast star
A stability ball is an excellent piece of exercise equipment to own and it can be used for a great variety of exercises. Learn how to improve your posture, develop strength and stability, and burn calories. These exercises will show you how to have sculpted toned abs fast.

Stability Ball Exercises That Tone star
This quick stability ball exercises circuit includes innovative moves that tone the entire body, burn fat, build endurance and strength while improving posture.

Stand Up and Develop Awesome Abs star
To develop the awesome abs you want try standing up. You will work your entire core, which includes your abs, back, hips, pelvis and more.

Stick To Your Workout Program star
Just started your workout program but already feel like quitting? You can stick to your workout program with these 5 simple workout tips.

Strength Training Basics star
These strength training basics show you why and how to get started plus safety precautions to keep you injury free.

Stress Free Holiday Workout Plan star
Avoid weight gain, and boost energy this holiday season with a stress free holiday workout plan that includes quick workouts that blast fast.

Stretches in the Exercise Encyclopedia star
Stretches in the Exercise Encyclopedia

Stretching Exercises that Boost Fatloss star
Stress relief stretching boosts fatloss and fitness results. Get started with this easy 3 exercise routine from The Complete Idiots Guide to Stretching.

Striptease Aerobics: Sex Up Your Workout star
Sex up your workouts and boost your confidence, endurance, strength, and flexibility. How to choose a DVD or book that fits your personality and fitness level plus what to expect from this type of workout.

Summer Fatloss Workout Tips star
These quick and easy summer fatloss workout tips burn more fat and calories, and help you look better faster in your revealing swimwear. The small changes that get results.

Tai Chi a Gentle Exercise for Everyone star
If you are looking for an exercise that is physically gentle and will help you become mentally centered then you might want to consider Tai Chi; a gentle exercise for everyone. It is especially beneficial to the overweight and arthritic.

Tank Top Arms Bikini Belly star
Get super fit in less time with Minna Lessig´s Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Short Bottom. An awesome book full of awesome workout options that´s great for novice and skilled exercisers.

Test star

The Abs Diet Eat Right Every Time Guide star
This quick and inexpensive guide provides the only information you need to lose weight, burn fat, and get fit. No deprivation, no nonsense, no kidding!

The Abs Diet: 3 Minute Weightloss Breakfast star
The Six-Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life. Why you need to start your day with a fat burning shake plus tasty recipes to try.

The Anti Estrogenic Diet star
The anti estrogenic diet shows you 3 hidden weightloss obstacles and how to burn stubborn belly fat, increase fatloss, and improve health.

The Best Weightloss Supplements star
The best and only supplements that will help you lose weight.

The Eat Clean Diet Workout Routine Tips star
Three killer workout routine tips from Tosca Reno author of The Eat Clean Diet Workout help you save time and get fit faster.

The Fat Burning Zone & Weightloss star
Forget about all those fat loss zone myths. Total calories burned is what really matters. Find out how to workout in the weight loss zone.

The Metabolic Typing Diet star
Could losing weight be as easy as taking the metabolic typing test and eating the foods that are right for your metabolic type?

The Miracle Ball Method star
Alleviate aches and pains, lengthen muscles, boost energy levels, re-align your body, and de-stress with the Miracle Ball Method by Elaine Petrone.

The Real Reason to Exercise star
Why you need a reason to exercise other than looking great. The real reasons that will get you hooked on exercise including better brain function, anti-aging, and more.

The Serotonin Power Diet star
Are you overweight due to stress from work, family, pms, menopause, and anti-depressants. The Serotonin Power Diet shows you how snacking on carbs can help you boost serotonin and lose weight.

The Truth About Back Pain star
The Truth About Back Pain reveals the real causes of back pain and offers surprising solutions and strategies that really work to end pain including a simple stress relief exercise that takes just minutes.

The Ultimate Diet Guide star
The Ultimate Diet Guide is your lose weight and get fit the easy way guide. Forget about going on another lame diet. These practical weight loss and fatloss strategies work long term.

Toned Abs Lean Legs Firm Butt star
Toned abs, lean legs, firm butt includes the best exercise tips for toning trouble zones. How to get results from your workouts and get the body you want.

Top 10 Kids Fitness Tips star
The top 10 kids fitness tips that will help you help your child be more active, healthy, and happy including 5 kids fitness mistakes to avoid.

Top 10 Workout Tips star
Whether you´re doing the online workouts at home or sweating it out at the gym, these 10 workout tips will help you get the most out of your exercise time.

Top 3 Exercises for Fat Loss & Fitness star
The 3 best exercises for lower body, upper body, and core. What they work, how they benefit you, and awesome dvd´s that feature them plus mini-workout for you to try!

Top 3 Exercises for Fat Loss & Fitness star
The 3 best exercises for lower body, upper body, and core. What they work, how they benefit you, and awesome dvd´s that feature them plus mini-workout for you to try!

Top 7 Weightloss Myths star
Is your diet based on fact or fiction? Top 7 weightloss myths busted and explained.

Top 9 Metabolism Boosters star
Boost metabolism by getting more sleep drinking tea and 7 other super easy metabolism boosting tips that really work.

Top Exercise FAQ´s star
Get the 411 on how much cardio you should be doing, how often to train abs, whether to cut carbs, when to take supplements if so which ones, etc.

Travel Tips That Boost Fatloss star
Get great travel tips to avoid fatigue, overeating, and weight gain this holiday season. Practical tips that will keep you lean and sane.

Travel Workout Tips star
The Healthy Travel Network shares top travel workout tips to keep you fit during business or leisure travel plus a quick hotel gym workout you can try and 2 more travel workout options that can work too.

Treadmill Workout Plan Tips star
How to a start a treadmill workout plan that gets results. Best cardio workout tips for treadmill users plus the best way to boost fat and calories burned from treadmill workouts.

Treadmill Workout Tips star
These simple treadmill workout tips can transform ordinary fat burning workouts into fun and motivating treadmill workouts that get results faster.

Turbocharge Your Metabolism star
How to Turbocharge your metabolism in 30 days or less - without all the starving, low-carb nonsense, bogus supplements, and excruciating exercises.

Turbulence Training star[offsite link]
With Craig Ballantyne´s Revolutionary Turbulence Training System, You Can Now Lose Fat While Gaining Muscle At The Same Time With Just 3 Short, (But Intense) Workouts A Week"

Upper Body Exercises in Encyclopedia star
Upper Body Poses in the Exercise Encyclopedia

Walk Your Way to Fitness & Weightloss star
Walking is the easiest and least expensive way to get fit, and lose weight. Everything you need to get started plus great ways to get motivated and fun gear to boost calories burned.

Walking Programs for Beginners star
This article provides beginner walking workouts to get you started on developing a walking habit. Walking is the most popular form of exercise for general good health. It provides a cardiovascular workout and is beneficial in prevention of many medical conditions.

Weekend Workout Tips for Fatloss star
Weekend workout tips for fatloss shows you how to workout for maximum fat loss and weight loss when you only have time to workout on weekends.

Weight Loss Sabotage Solutions star
Learn how to identify the behaviors that are sabotaging your weight loss and achieve healthy weight loss, without all the drama. Easy weight loss solutions that work for real people.

Weight Loss, Fat Burning, Calorie Quiz star
This Quiz will answer some of your questions about the relationship of burning fat during working out and burning calories. Take the quiz for some of your weight loss solutions.

Weightloss FAQ star
Should you diet? How many calories should you eat? What type of exercise should you do? Get the 411 from experts at GHF and lose weight the smart way!

Weightloss Plan Must Haves star
3 Weightloss plan must haves that really work. It´s not about the diet, the workouts, or the accountability. The top diet tips of weightloss success story losers you need to get results.

Weightloss Plans That Work star
Looking for weightloss plans that work. Here are 2 not so well known diet plans that really work and why they work to shed the fat plus a quick tip to help you stick to your plan.

Weightloss Products That Work star
Looking for weightloss products that really work. Here are 5 of the top products on the market, what they do, and how to get them.

Weightloss Shop star
Find the best diet books, exercise videos, online diet plans, fitness equipment/apparel, and supplements.

Weightloss: It´s All About Balance star
No complicated diets, dreaded workouts, or daily stress. A simple way to lose weight that works!!

What Counts As A Workout? star
Lifting weights at the gym isn´t the only thing that counts as exercise. When it comes to moving for fitness and health the possibilities are unlimited.

Why Your Workout Isn´t Working star
Get the 411 on what your doing wrong and how to get results from your workouts. You´ll be surprised to find out how easy it is.

Workout Motivation star
Boost workout motivation to stick with your program and burn the fat much faster. 3 simple and fun tips that inspire and keep you going long enough to see those results.

Workout Motivation star
Boost workout motivation to stick with your program and burn the fat much faster. 3 simple and fun tips that inspire and keep you going long enough to see those results.

Workout Shoe Guide star
The Workout Shoe Guide shows you what shoes to buy, how often to replace them, getting your foot strike analysis, insoles, socks, and more things to consider when buying workout shoes.

Workout Smarter to Lose Weight Faster star
Workout Smarter to Lose Weight Faster shows you the top 3 mistakes to avoid and the workout solutions that maximize workouts for faster weightloss.

Workout Solutions star
Workout solutions for common problems including feeling dizzy, lightheaded, sleepy, fatigued, heart palpitations, nausea, and more. Workout tips that fix any workout issue.

Workout Supplements Guide star
The workout supplements guide features the supplements that will help you burn the fat and get your dream body faster plus a quick list of the supplements to avoid.

Workout Wear for Your Body Type star
Take pounds inches and years off instantly by wearing the right workout clothes. This guide shows you how to find the right tops and bottoms for your bodytype plus what to avoid.

Yoga Workouts Guide star
Why do it, which type to choose, studio vs. dvd, what you´ll need, and tips to keep you motivated, injury free, and embarrassment free!

Your Core Source of Strength & Stability star
A workout for the core consisting of five easy but effective exercises.

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