Seasonal Allergies

Allergies and Colds
To Know about seasonal allergies which is one of the most common forms of allergic rhinitis, an allergy of the upper respiratory system.

10 Percent Happier star
What if 5-10 minutes a day of meditation could make you 10 percent happier and reduce your allergies?

24-hour relief star
What you can do if your antihistamine isn't delivering 24-hour relief

AC and allergies star
AC is recommended for allergy sufferers but some see symptoms increase

Adult-onset allergies star
Food and/or environmental allergies may appear unexpectedly in adults

Air pollution may worsen allergy symptoms star
Is their a connection between allergies and air pollution? High ground ozone may contribute to allergy symptoms.

Allergies affect others star
Allergies take a toll on the lives of the sufferers as well as their family, friends and co-workers

Allergies and exercise star
Don't let allergies keep you from getting beneficial exercise

Allergies and inflammation star
Inflammation caused by allergies may lead to chronic disease.

Allergies and vegetarianism star
If you suffer from allergies, adopting a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle may offer some relief from symptoms

Allergies keep rising star
Environmental and food allergies skyrocket in U.S.

Allergies not taken seriously star
New survey indicates that public does not view allergies in the same light as other chronic illnesses

Allergies on rise star
Increase in ragweed, other allergy-causing weeds may be linked to global warming

Allergies or sinusitis? star
Chronic sinusitis is often misdiagnosed as allergies because of similar symptoms.

Allergies-liver connections star
Love your liver and your allergies may improve

Allergy blues star
Allergy sufferers may experience fatigue, depression

Allergy diet star
Changing your diet to include certain foods and exclude others may help your allergies

Allergy drops star
Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) offers alternative treatment to allergy shots

Allergy ears star
Allergies can produce ear-related symptoms, such as popping and itching.

Allergy masks star
Masks may be helpful in reducing allergy symptoms and colds.

Allergy relief star
A wide selection of medications are available for treating your symptoms.

Allergy relief foods star
Stock up on antioxidant-rich foods for allergy relief

Allergy remedies star
Simple homespun remedies may help reduce some of the discomfort caused by allergies.

Allergy season strategy star
Keep your gut healthy to strengthen your immune system

Allergy silver lining star
If you have allergies, you may live longer

Allergy to cold star
Cold can trigger hives in individuals with rare condition called cold urticaria

Allergy to grass star
Avoiding certain foods during grass pollen season may help relieve symptoms

Allergy-fibromyalgia connection star
Longer allergy season causes more fibromyalgia flare ups

Allergy-IBS link star
Adults with seasonal allergies have higher incidence of IBS

Aloe Vera star
Pure aloe vera juice may help provide relief from allergies

Antihistamine pill splitting star
Splitting an antihistamine to lower the dosage is a tricky thing

Antihistamines and dementia star
Allergic individuals who use antihistamines may have another concern: dementia

Antihistamines and gassiness star
Having trouble with gassy stomach? Antihistamines may be a contributing factor.

Antihistamines and memory star
First-generation antihistamines may contribute to memory loss

Antihistamines and photosensitivity star
Antihistamines may increase sun sensivity and risk of skin cancer

Apple cider vinegar star
Raw apple cider vinegar may be effective allergy remedy

Atypical allergy symptoms star
Allergies may be hidden cause of headaches, depression, pain and more

Autoimmune protocol star
Eating a more restricted paleo diet may offer relief from allergies.

Avocadoes for July 4th star
Add some immune-boosting avocado recipes to your July 4th picnic or barbecue

Barbecue allergy star
Be wary of some types of wood and charcoal when barbecuing to prevent allergy and asthma attacks.

Benefits of age star
Age may be an advantage when it comes to having fewer allergies and colds

Better sinus cure star
Allergies and colds can bring on sinusitis but hold off on antibiotics for treatment

Better well being star
Looking on the bright side of allergies may actually improve your health

Butterbur for allergies star
Herbal remedy may help relieve congestion, sneezing and runny nose.

Camping with allergies star
You can have a safe camping trip this summer if you do extra pre-planning and take precautions.

Candida overgrowth star
Yeast syndrome often overlooked as cause of chronic sinus problems or allergies.

Cats boost immunity star
Cat ownership has positive influence on health

Celebrate safely star
Ringing in the New Year with alcoholic beverages may trigger allergy symptoms in some individuals.

Children's allergies star
Many remedies available to help children with allergies

Chloraseptic Allergen Block star
Drug-free way to prevent allergy symptoms

Christmas allergies star
Greenery, decorations may increase symptoms for those with allergies.

Christmas tree allergy star
Holiday greenery, decorations may cause increase in symptoms

Climate change sickness star
Global warming causing allergy, asthma increases

Coffee and asthma star
A cup of joe may help ease symptoms of allergy or exercise-induced asthma

Consistency with meds star
Taking allergy medication daily at prescribed intervals important to managing symptoms

Cottonwood tree allergy star
Cottonwood trees often wrongly get blamed for allergy symptoms when their cottony seeds are flying.

Cultured food, beverages star
Meet your three new best friends---kefir, kombucha and cultured veggies

Dandelion tea benefits star
Sipping dandelion tea offers many health benefits, including reducing allergies and inflammation

DIY Allergy Mask star
Consider a face mask if allergy meds are not enough or an option

Duct cleaning and allergies star
Does air duct cleaning help your allergies? Study the pros and cons of this procedure before investing your money

Earlier allergy season star
Allergy season arrives early in many parts of U.S.

Easter rice crispy treat recipe star
Plus strategies for surviving the holiday with allergies

Epsom salt bath star
Old-fashioned remedy may reduce allergies

Eucalytus essential oil star
All-natural relief from allergies and sinus congestion

Exercise despite allergies star
Nothing tops exercise for health benefits

Eye allergies star
Try cold compresses, eye washes or drops for relief.

Fall allergies star
Get ready to fight back.

Fall allergies flare star
Fall allergy sufferers need survival tips

Fall allergy capitals star
Find out how your city ranks in the AAFA's annual fall allergy cities report

Fall allergy cities star
Fall allergies are bad this year but some cities "out worst" others

Fall allergy or cold star
Fall allergies and colds strike when the weather turns cooler.

Fall allergy strategies star
Fall allergy symptoms can be overwhelming.

Fall OAS star
Oral allergy syndrome (OAS) can affect those with ragweed allergy.

Fall weed allergies star
Chenopods, sagebrush and ragweed agitate allergies

Fibromyalgia and allergies star
Seasonal allergies may worsen your fibromyalgia symptoms

Fight inflammation star
Eat foods to help your liver and immune system as allergy season approaches

Flaxseed star
Natural anti-inflammatory may help relieve allergy symptoms.

Flaxseed oil star
Daily flaxseed oil dose may reduce seasonal allergies

Flowers and allergies star
Sending flowers to mom? Which flowers are best for allergy sufferers?

Grape seed extract star
Helps build your immunity for the allergy season

Grass allergy star
Grass pollen may still be stirring up allergies in areas that had wet spring weather.

Grass rash star
Grass pollen may trigger contact dermatitis, an allergic skin reaction

Gut/allergy connection star
Healing your gut may reduce inflammation and allergies

Hair salon dangers star
Toxic chemicals in hair salons potentially dangerous for allergy sufferers

Halloween treat recipe star
Ideas for celebrating with safe traditions for allergy sufferers.

Heat worsens allergies star
Hot weather is a common allergy trigger

Homemade Neti Pot star
Recycle a plastic squeeze bottle and use it to clean your sinuses with a simple DIY saline solution

Homeopathic medicine star
Remedies may help in treatment of allergies and asthma.

Inhaled nasal steroids star
Flonase, Nasacort, Omnaris provide similar benefits with the main differences being the containers and price.

Interpreting pollen counts star
Numbers reported on TV and in newspaper tell you levels of pollen in the air

Kissing and allergies star
Study finds locking lips and other endorphin-boosting activities may be beneficial for your immune system and allergies.

Lemon butter cups star
Enjoy a safe Fourth of July by avoiding fireworks plus a recipe for those with food allergies.

Love olive oil star
A diet rich in olive oil may help reduce allergies

Managing seasonal allergies star
Help get your allergies under control. Start with your home environment and personal habits.

Meditation and allergies star
Spending some time each day in quiet meditation may help quell your allergies

Meditation not psycho-babble star
Mindful breathing can strengthen immune system and lessen allergies

Mediterranean diet star
Fresh fruit, veggies, fish, olive oil and nuts/seeds may help protect you against allergies

Memorial Day allergies star
Prepare for peaking grass and tree pollens on Memorial Day weekend

Methylsulfonylmethane star
MSM may help seasonal allergic rhinitis

Mind-body connection star
Become your own healer by developing an awareness of how your thoughts/emotions impact your allergies and overal health.

Missing diagnosis star
Yeast syndrome should be considered in individuals with chronic sinus, upper respiratory conditions and allergies.

Mold allergy star
Sensitivity to molds can be culprit if allergies persist after pollen season ends.

Mom's Day Recipe star
Eating the right foods can help mom with both food and environmental allergies

More allergy remedies star
Antihistamines may work wonders for some but don’t discount home remedies.

MSM star
Methylsulfonylmethane may help seasonal allergic rhinitis

Mucus color star
Seasonal allergies along with sinus infections can alter mucus color

NAET allergy treatment star
Alternative therapy leaves questions of legitimacy.

Nasal saline rinses star
Try tweaking the amount of salt in your solution to get more benefit from sinus cleansing.

Nasal spray addiction star
Commonly used nasal sprays provide short-lived relief before worsening your symptoms.

Nasal steroids' downside star
Long-term use may result in serious side effects.

Natural allergy relief star
Alternative remedies for seasonal allergies: Are they worth checking out?

Neti pot pros/cons star
Popular allergy remedy being scrutinized

Neti pots offer allergy relief star
Neti Pots are almost like genie lamps. For some, they work like magic to keep allergy symptoms under control.

Never-ending allergies star
El Nino weather pattern already producing earlier allergy season

New Year resolutions star
Make some changes that will help your allergy symptoms in 2015

No more antihistamines star
Consider going antihistamine free if drug side effects are getting you down

Oral allergy syndrome star
Pollen season + fresh fruits and veggies = itching and swelling in the mouth

Paleo allergy relief star
Eating a paleo diet may help abate allergy symptoms

Paleo dad star
Get dad following the paleo diet with these homemade pemmican bars

Pesticides in produce star
Many Americans are concerned about the health effects of pesticides in their food

Pets prevent allergies star
Get a dog or cat to reduce allergies in children

Prepare for allergy season star
Spring cleaning can reduce allergens in your home and make you less susceptible to outdoor triggers

Prevent allergies star
Vitamins and supplements may help prevent allergies

Probiotics and allergies star
Fixing your gut may strengthen your immune system and reduce your allergies.

Prolific poison ivy star
Poison ivy more plentiful and potent than in past years

Quell your allergies star
What you eat can boost your immunity during allergy season

Question your doctor star
Don't accept doctors' recommendations for medications without asking lots of questions

Screening out pollens star
Nasal screens and gels promise to keep allergens from entering your nose so you can go medication free

Seasonal allergies star
Learning more about your allergies can help you deal better with the enemy

Seasonal allergies trigger autoimmune flares star
Allergy season may impact your autoimmune illness

Selenium benefits star
Selenium is an essential trace mineral and antioxidant that can help boost immunity

Severe allergies star
Living well is possible with this chronic condition.

Sinus rinse recipes star
Win the war on allergies/colds with your Neti Pot and a homemade saline solution

Sleep and allergies star
Sleep deprivation may worsen allergy symptoms

SLIT update star
Sublingual immunotherapy requires patience and persistence

Smoke worsens allergies star
Fire season increases allergy suffering

Sneezing IQ star
Your sneezing style may say a lot about your personality.

Sneezing season relief star
Natural D-Hist, Allercide may help provide relief from allergy symptoms without side effects.

Sniffle-free exercise star
Strategies to help allergy sufferers take their workouts outdoors

Spinach reduces inflammation star
Chronic inflammation caused by allergies gets the old one two from spinach and other leafy greens

Spring allergy cities star
Can where you live make a difference in how bad your allergies are?

Spring colds, allergies star
Up and down temperatures create perfect conditions for allergies and colds.

St. Patrick's Day star
Try an allergen-friendly shamrock shake to celebrate

Stinging nettles star
Natural treatment for seasonal allergies proves useful during sublingualtherapy

Sublingual immunotherapy star
What are the pros and cons of sublingual allergy drops?

Sublingual immunotherapy testing star
Multiple allergy sufferers may gain new insight through scratch testing

Sublingual immunotherapy update star
Listen to your body as you increase your doses of allergy drops

Summer immunity boosters star
Fun summer activities may be just what your immune system needs

Summer juicing star
Juicing may help strengthen the immune system during the allergy season

Supplement wisely star
Supplements can play a role in allergy treatment but make sure you are getting what you pay for.

Surviving grass pollen star
Don't let allergies keep you cooped up inside

Take a walk star
Walking meditation may reduce your allergies and improve your well being

Too much yeast star
An overgrowth of yeast in the digestive tract may be contributing to your allergies, chronic sinusitis and lowered resistance to infections.

Traveling with allergies takes planning star
Don't let allergies stop you from going on a trip.

U.S. allergy rate up star
Are you tired and suffering from seasonal allergies? Then you are not alone. The U.S. allergy rate has doubled in the last 30 years.

Vegan, vegetarian diet star
Can following one of these diets help lessen your allergies?

Weather affects pollen star
Understand the weather to be a pollen forecaster

Weather and allergies star
Summer's triple whammy for your allergies: heat, pollution and humidity

Winter air inversions star
Inversions bring poor air quality and rise in allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments

Winter allergies star
Indoor allergens can trigger symptoms even when the snow is flying.

Workplace allergies star
Your work environment may be contributing to your allergy woes

Worm therapy star
You've used antihistamines or nasal sprays for your allergies but have you tried worms?

Zucchini allergies star
Prolific garden vegetable can cause itchy skin rash and oral allergy syndrome.

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