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'I Was Here' in Art star
From the earliest civilizations, humans have left a historical record of their existence in many art forms. I will explain the importance of 'being seen', then and now.

'Light Art' vs 'Light and Space' Art star
'Light Art' can be recognized as far back as the Medieval period with stained glass, whereas the 'Light and Space' art movement hails from the 1960s. I’ll discuss artists who bring art to life through light.

Action Figures + #MeToo in Art from 17thc Italy star
It may be surprising to know that action figures didn’t begin with Superman. I’ll discuss what I believe to be their origin and a goddess in Greek mythology who would certainly have been part of the #MeToo conversation.

AI Robots Automata in Art star
What is the difference between humans and robots? Today, AI interacts with humans daily. What are the dangers of artificial intelligence? I'll discuss when AI began and how it relates to art.

American Artists From the Hudson River School star
On a recent road trip through the mid-Atlantic states, my curiosity peeked about the artists from the Hudson River School. I’ll discuss some of their inspiration and achievements.

Amusements in Art star
Defined as 'something thar provides entertainment' by Oxford dictionary, I will discuss subjects that artists found fascinating in this context- circus, theater, cinema, amusement park, and games.

An Art Resurgence in Naples. Why Now? star
Italian Baroque artist Caravaggio fled there, Leonardo’s 'Salvator Mundi' was on display there, contemporary artist Clemente was born there, fashion and color designers are inspired by Naples. I'll explain, 'why not now'?

Are Millennials as Art Savvy as the Old? star
Today, the sheer number of millennials exceeds all other generations. But are they as art knowledgeable as former generations? I’ll discuss why museums compete to attract 'Generation Y'.

Are Museums Still Important or Obsolete? star
Smartphones show us sharp images of art - at our fingertips anywhere, anytime. So why would anyone travel to a museum, wait in line, and pay an admission fee? I'll explain the changing world of museums.

Art Expression : Poetry • Paintings • Music star
Poetry & paintings have always had a relationship (consciously or not) - yet their comparison seems natural. I will discuss art that inspires poets, poetry that inspires artists (singer/songwriters included).

Art with and w/o Boundaries star
Boundaries are lines or images meant to divide a composition. Conversely, an artist can make a conscious decision to extend the subject beyond the canvas or choose not to frame a work. I will explain.

Artists Fascinated by Darkness + Shadows star
Mystery writers capture our imagination as to what/who lurks in the darkness. What does the 'Shadow' know? I’ll discuss artists who distinguish shadow from light in the mediums: engraving, etching, and painting.

Artists Inspire Popular Baby Names A-G star
August is the month when more births occur in the US. In a time where (almost) anything goes, let’s look at artists who we admire and how they have inspired popular baby names. I’ll discuss names A-G.

Artists that Convey Time & Motion star
At the beginning of the 20th century, the Futurist movement in art captured the essence of time and space. I’ll discuss artists that preceded them and yet others that followed suit later.

Axing Art / Defending Balthus + the MET star
Who could imagine that art would once again be deemed so offensive as to be asked to be removed from public view? Remember 'degenerate art' during WWII? I stand with the MET museum: Balthus stays. My comments.

Banned Natural Material Used in Art Objects star
Continued pressure from special interest groups have helped 'curb' poaching of elephants, sea turtles, & factory farming of reptiles. I’ll discuss man-made materials that replace the natural.

Botanicals Historically Found in Art star
From the frescoes at Pompeii to Japanese woodcuts to Van Gogh's illustrious Sunflowers, I'll discuss the popularity of botanicals in art.

Cats in Art star
The domestic cat is the subject of many online videos and photos. I will discuss its evolution as well as the cultures that express their fondness artistically for this beloved feline.

Community Art star
From cave art to contemporary art, an assembly of participants work together to create a work of art. School children, adults might share their creativity for mutual benefit. I will discuss the possibilities.

Cool Down Viewing Seascapes in Art star
You can escape the heat of the summer by visiting a museum or viewing paintings online of the sea – seascapes. I will discuss many notable works by both Americans and European artists.

Couples from the Bible & Mythology in Art star
Love stories from the Bible and mythology are perhaps most endearing when expressed visually – through art. I’ll discuss these couples and the artists who bring their stories to life.

Craft or Art – Who Decides? star
The art society consists of different factions: purists vs those who consider an elephant an artist. Who decides whether someone’s handmade object is suitable for a museum (art) or just homemade (craft)?

Creatures (Real and Imagined) in Art star
With the story of 'The Fall' of Adam and Eve, Egyptian sculpture and Greek mythology, many examples of snakes and unreal creatures are depicted in art. I will discuss.

Creatures in Art star
Monsters - whether mythical, magical, mutants or imaginary are terrifying, and are the subject of nightmares and legends. I will explain.

Crowdfunding Saved Louvre 'Winged Victory' star
One of France’s beloved national treasures is the marble statue 'Winged Victory' at the Louvre. With the public’s help - through crowdfunding - restoration of this magnificent statue was made possible. I’ll explain.

Dark, Macabre, Grotesque Themes in Art star
Dark, Macabre, and Grotesques themes in art can best be described as your worst nightmares. Why would artists choose to express themselves in this way? I’ll discuss my interpretations.

Demons, Demon Tamers + 'The Lost' in Art star
We're all familiar with author Dan Brown's book/movie 'Angels and Demons', but the story of terror by demons can be traced back to Chinese mythology. I'll discuss art that depicts these timeless themes.

Dreams in Art star
The surrealists are perhaps best known for portraying the unconscious, but artists of the 19thc preceded writings by Sigmund Freud and his influence on 20thc cinema and art.

Edibles (and Inedibles) in Art star
The diversity of food represented in art is vast. While used in still life or realism, it may have a hidden meaning. I will share my findings.

Food in Art star
From Adam and Eve to hunters on cave paintings to later works of art, humans have a physiological hunger, and in some cases, obsession with food. I will discuss.

From Ancient Board Games to Video Gaming Today star
By definition, a game is played by one or more persons. In our culture it is said that 'everyone's a gamer'. I'll discuss the origin of board games and how they relate to video gaming today.

Gender Bias in Abstract Art Revealed star
Power art couples Sonia & Robert Delaunay, and Jackson Pollack & Lee Krassner may not have been equally recognized by the art world - in regard to gender. I’ll discuss women abstract artists receiving fewer museum shows.

Gender Equality for Angels in Art star
Various religions (including paganism) have described or left their interpretation of angels in some form of art. I will discuss where angels may have first appeared and why they popularize folklore and religion.

Gold in Art star
Gold as a highly coveted precious metal has been used in art from ancient Egypt to present day. This color, as found in nature, has been used by artists of multiple disciplines. I will explain.

Hands in Paintings + Sculpture star
That which expresses touch, emotion, and animation, human hands have been a subject used by artists since the beginning of time. I will explain.

Hollywood Imitates Art and History star
'Hollywood' conjures thoughts of glitz and glamour – movies made to entertain. I’ll explain how this center of the American entertainment industry has 'borrowed' from art and history.

How Claude Monet Inspired Abstract Artists star
French Impressionist artist Claude Monet is perhaps best known for his series of 250 'Water Lilies' painted at his Giverny home and atelier. I'll discuss the 'impression' Monet made on abstract art.

Human Figure in Sculpture / Early - Modern star
From the Cycladic art of the Early Bronze Age to notable modern sculptors, I'll discuss their differences and commonalities.

Illusion in Art - Dreams + Trompe l'Oeil star
Sigmund Freud said the unconscious is represented in dreams. The Surrealists pioneered this maverick movement which led to trompe l’oeil in fine art and street art. I’ll discuss their influences.

Imagery with Hidden Meanings in Art star
Throughout history, it is common for artists to devise a hidden meaning in their paintings – symbols, signs, messages. I’ll discuss some more notable artists and works that may be surprising to some.

Independence Day & Liberty in Art star
As we have learned from history, independence comes with a price: lives, cost, property. On the eve of July 4th, I salute those who have fought for independence in US and abroad. I will discuss some notables.

Laborers in Art - 19th c France star
The strong connection between literature and art brought us French novelist Emile Zola and friend Edgar Degas. I will discuss Degas and other French artists who painted laborers.

Landscape Art star
The lushness of vegetation in a painting evokes a sense of relaxation and calmness. With our busy lives, it might do us well to reflect on Nature and its beauty. I will discuss some landscape artists.

Late Bloomers in Art star
Artists such as Grandma Moses may come to mind as she began painting in her 70s. However, artists who already established themselves at a young age, had breakthrough productivity later in life. I will explain.

Magic Realism in Art star
Magic or Magical Realism falls between the schools of Surrealism and Photorealism. I will discuss the artists and characteristics of this fascinating art movement.

Mark Rothko - Rectangles in Art star
Mark Rothko is an American abstract artist who's 'classic' paintings are in rectangular forms. I'll discuss his works and an exhibit at the MFA Boston.

Max Ernst - His Work & The Women star
The German artist was the leader of the surrealist movement. His unique artistic techniques made him a mentor and companion, as well as marrying an American art collector, then another surrealist artist.

Meet the Bruegel Family – 16th c Painters star
Pieter Bruegel the Elder was born on the Dutch-Belgian border. Best known for European landscapes, his two sons would also become notable artists. I’ll discuss their illustrious works.

Memorial Art star
How have those from the past been immortalized? From tombstones, monuments, art, jewelry, and now chatbots I will discuss the many ways we remember the dead.

Mirrors and Vanity in Art star
A mirror is a symbol of human vanity and gazing at one's reflection can be found in Greek mythology, as well as Renaissance and Baroque art. I will discuss artists' portraits of self and ego.

More Text in Art star
From calligraphy to repurposed newspapers to graffiti and much more self expression by artists, I will discuss the works most impressionable.

More Than Paint - Our Response to Colors star
Artists feeling blue? What about black and white not technically 'colors' (according to physics). Historically, artists have used these three 'colors' magnificently. Who used them best? I'll discuss.

Mortals Transformed into Nature star
Greek mythology abounds with stories of desire, lust, and exploitation. Some humans were saved by gods and turned into trees as a foolproof escape. I will discuss Ovid's 'Metamorphoses' as well as other tales depicted in art.

Movie : The Da Vinci Code star
For a reader enamored with the book, the movie The Da Vinci Code fell a bit short of my expectations -- but not by too much...

Mysteries Surrounding Death of Cleopatra in Art star
The circumstances surrounding Cleopatra’s death is that of legends and lore. Many artists painted the death of the queen of Egypt being bitten by an asp. I will discuss these paintings and the backstory.

New York and 20th Century Art star
The artists of the 20thc were unlike their predecessors painting the American West, in that many emigrated to America, some in response to war. I will discuss their contribution to art history.

Numbers in Art star
Originating in Mesopotamia 5-6,000 years ago, arithmetic has played a major role in the multidimensional field of art. I will share my findings.

Oedipus Myth in Art star
First the protagonist of Sophocles' tragedy, then analyzed by Jung and Freud, Oedipus is known for his odd relationship with his mother. I will discuss artists who portrayed this tragic hero.

One WV School's Art Program a Welcome Oasis star
To most of us, an art curriculum may seem mundane, but to one WV elementary school it is a respite from some unthinkable conditions.

Pearls From Literature and Art star
As pearls can be natural, cultured, or imitation, their beauty has been the subject of legend and folklore. I will discuss some of these fascinating stories.

Pegasus the Winged Horse in Art star
Pegasus (in Latin) or Pegasos (in Greek) was a beautiful winged horse that could fly. Its image was reproduced on ancient coins and vessels along with their gods. I'll discuss which art and why.

Realism (Perfect/Imperfect) of Nature in Art star
Regarding nature, the sketching and painting of flowers, fruit, and insects in states of perfection and decay will be discussed, as well as the artists: Caravaggio, Fantin-Latour, Delacroix, and others.

Repetiton in Art (Series) - Intent or Obsession star
Repetition in art takes on different elements such as: mass production or working on multiple pieces until its creator is satisfied. I’ll discuss artists and art objects that fit into these criteria.

Shadows in Art star
The darkness in shadows evokes mystery and fear. In art, what we see (and don't see) is essential and intended by the artist. I will discuss shadows and silhouettes.

Sharing & Collecting Art Books – Taschen & Beyond star
You may be an art lover who enjoys reading about your favorite artist or art topic. I’ll share the availability and sharing of art books –library hotels, libraries gone mobile, & collecting Taschen.

Sinners in Art star
As we know, there is good and evil in the world. Some artists share views on who goes to Hell or is spared. I will discuss.

Solitude • Loneliness • Voids in Art star
Signs of sadness and depression have consumed many an artist and have been expressed by them throughout the history of art. I'll discuss isolation and negative space as interpreted by artists.

Spring & Cherry Blossom Art star
The East Coast of the US and Japan share the four seasons and celebrate cherry blossoms in spring. I'll discuss their artistic significance and those who painted cherry blossoms and other flowering trees.

Temptation of Christ, Saints, Mortals in Art star
The theme of temptation appears often in religious art - Christ and Saint Anthony. I will discuss their circumstances as well as Adam and Eve, and (surprisingly) a car commercial with the same theme.

Text in Art star
From Chinese calligraphy to graphic design to scribbles, creative writing can be found throughout the history of art.

The Circle – Its Significance & Meaning in Art star
As a universal symbol, 'the circle' was first associated with the planets. Rooted in geometry, religion, and astronomy, I’ll discuss its beginnings and influence on artists during the Renaissance.

The Effect of the 'Grand Tour' on Art star
Wealthy young men took the 'Grand Tour' of Europe from the 17th-19th c. I’ll discuss the alluring mystery behind this extraordinary adventure for the privileged that would unequivocally affect the world of art.

The Many 'Firsts' in the History of Art star
When asked, 'Who was the first artist?' or 'What was the first work of art?' the answers are not that simple. I'll discuss the many 'firsts' in art and possibly reveal the answers to these questions.

The Most Influential Art Buyers from Gulf States star
Here, I will discuss two art buyers from their respective Arab States that border the Persian Gulf. One male, one female, they have attracted world-wide attention to their countries and culture.

The Seasons in Art star
Even if you don't live in a country with prominent seasons, thankfully artists throughout history (and the world) share their interpretations for all to appreciate. I will discuss.

The Traits of an Heiress as Art Collector star
Some women are privileged to be the recipients of their parents' wealth. I'll showcase four notable, wealthy women as art collectors and museum founders. I'll also mention a modern day 'fake' heiress.

The Trinity and Significance of Number 3 in Art star
Whether you're religious or not, the Bible eludes to groupings of 3 as well as Greek mythology. I will discuss art where the theme is in the power of #3.

Those Suffering Persecutions Found in Art star
During the Easter season, Christians around the world are reminded of Christ’s death & resurrection. Those suffering persecutions because of political or religious beliefs have been represented in art.

Understanding Licensing Art & Artistic License star
These phrases may sound similar but they are quite different in that 'licensing art' is an agreed upon legal agreement, yet 'artistic license' is deliberate or unintentional by an artist. I’ll discuss both.

Vegetation in Art star
Referring to plants, trees, and flowers, I will discuss artists and the landscape, pastoral, and rural scenes they capture for our imagination and enjoyment.

Vices and Virtues in Art star
As humans, it should be very clear as to what is right and wrong. [Halt! Not always] In the realm of art, it is most interesting to learn the lesson from an allegory. I will discuss these worldly and otherworldly aspects.

Water as a Life Force in Art star
We know the importance of drinking water to sustain our bodies. Many artists used water as a central or accompanying figure in their work. I’ll discuss those who I think capture the essence of water best.

Women with Long Flowing Hair in Art star
Carved nautical figureheads may come to mind when you think of women with long, flowing hair. I’ll discuss artists that use this stereotypical 'attractive' woman as models.

Words + Wordsmiths - the Language of Artists star
Speech and the spoken word are powerful means of communication, but some artists convey thoughts through written words. I’ll discuss artists who used various mediums from the 15th c to the present.

Words of 2016 also Popular in Art World star
The Merriam-Webster dictionary announced their list of the most searched words for 2016. I found a few to be words that may have had their roots from the world of art. I’ll discuss their popularity.

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