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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Walkthrough

San Andreas is the climax of the Grand Theft Auto 3 trilogy. I do have full walkthroughs of the other GTA3 games online if that is what you were looking for.

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If you need help with San Andreas, read on!

Note that the missions don't come "in order". Sometimes you have to do a donut mission to unlock the next S mission and so on. Just keep working on whatever missions are currently available. Also it is critical that you work out in the gym and run a lot, and practice your weapons and driving constantly. This game isn't about "finishing quickly". It is about practicing all your skills a lot BEFORE the missions, so you can win the missions easily.

Basic San Andreas Tips
Cast Listing
Controller Keys
Basic Location and Premise
Warning - DO NOT CHEAT
How Do I Get 100%?

The Starting Missions
Background and Start
Big Smoke
Sweet and Kendl
Tagging Up Turf
Cleaning the Hood
Nines and AK's

Big Smoke - BS
OG Loc
Running Dog
Wrong Side of the Tracks
Just Business

Sweet - S
Sweet's Girl
Cesar Vialpando
Los Sepulcros
Reuniting the Families
The Green Sabre
Beat Down on B Dup
Grove 4 Life
Los Desperados
End of the Line

Ryder - R
Home Invasion
Robbing Uncle Sam

Cesar - Cs
High stakes, low rider
King in Exile
Wu Zi Mu
Farewell, My Love ...
Zeroing In
Test Drive
Customs Fast Track
Puncture Wounds

OG Loc - OG
Life's a Beach
Madd Dogg's Rhymes
Management Issues
House Party

Cops - (C / donut shape)
Burning Desire
Gray Imports
High Noon

Denise - (red heart)
Going on a Date
Flower Locations

Millie - (red heart)
Getting the Key Card / Dating
Breaking the Bank

Cousin Catalina - ? or C
First Date
Tanker Commander
Local Liquor Store
Small Town Bank
Against All Odds
First Base
Gone Courting
Made in Heaven

The Truth - TT
Body Harvest
Are You Going to San Fierro?
Don Peyote
Black Project
Green Goo

Your Garage - CJ
Wear Flowers In your Hair
555 We Tip
Photo Opportunity
Snail Trail
Ice Cold Killa
Toreno's Last Flight
Yay Kaboom-boom

Zero - Z
Air Raid
Supply Lines ...
New Model Army
Beefy Baron

Driving School - red S
Back to School

Jizzy - (blue egg)
T-Bone Mendez
Mike Toreno

Wu Zi - W
Mountain Cloud Boys
Ran Fa Li
Amphibious Assault
The Da Nang Thang
The Four Dragons
Explosive Situation
Architectual Espionage
You've Had Your Chips
Key to Her Heart
Dam and Blast
Cop Wheels
Up, Up and Away!
Fish in a Barrel
A Home in the Hills

Cesar - (red triad symbol / blob)
Pier 69

Torino Cult ? / X / T
El Castillo del Diablo
Verdant Meadows / Flying Lessons
N. O. E.

Intensive Care
The Meat Business

Madd Dogg / D / CJ
Madd Dogg
Vertical Bird
Home Coming
Cut Throat Business

Mafia / (diamond)
Saint Mark's Bistro

Your Look
Fat / Thin / Muscular
The Gym
Car Upgrades

Your World
Radio Stations
Grafitti Locations
Weapon Locations
Wanted Star Levels
Anti-Cop Star Locations
Territories to Take Over
Ammu-Nation Practice

Fun Stuff
Basketball Games
Insane Car / Bike Jumps
Mountain Bike Races
Places you MUST visit
Oyster Shells
Two Player Gameplay

Money Making Jobs
General Tips about Making Money
Ambulance Missions
Taxi Missions
Vigilante / Cop Missions
Firetruck Missions
Courier Missions
Trucker Missions
Valet Missions
Car Stealing Missions
Casino Gaming

Full Car Listing with Photos

For other San Andreas FAQ be sure to visit our forum - if you ask there, you should get an answer pretty quickly! Remember, I write these walkthroughs for free, because I love to play the game. I give them to YOU for free instead of charging like many sites do. I try to give just enough of a hint to get you unstuck, but not to lead you by the nose. This is an interactive game, not a movie. On the other hand, we all have different styles of learning. If my walkthrough isn't quite your style, ask for more specific help on the forum!

The Moon Over San Andreas

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